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Are your thoughts getting in the way of your feelings?

Are your thoughts getting in the way of your feelings?

As we know from the definition of femininity, our emotions are a crucial aspect of the feminine. Connecting into our emotions, and what we’re feeling helps us to connect into our femininity. The challenge that we have these days is that we spend so much time in our heads, rather than our hearts and our […]

Difference between feeling emotions and wallowing in them

What’s the difference between feeling your emotions and wallowing in them?

We all have times when we experience ‘negative’ emotions. The thing with emotions is that they all serve a purpose…they are there for a reason. All emotions…the good, the bad and the sometimes very ugly. That’s the reason I put the word ‘negative’ in inverted commas…because we only perceive them as negative…they actually serve a […]

What chance my experience of heartbreak forever?

What changed my experience of heartbreak forever?

So last week I gave you the first of my answers to the question “Why does heartbreak hurt so much?” The second answer that came to me when I asked the question “Why does heartbreak hurt so much?” tends to apply more when you feel like the decision to end the relationship has been completely […]


Why does heartbreak hurt so much?

Last week I shared an article to answer the question “Does a broken heart ever heal or are we just left with the scars”, and I was very touched by the reaction the piece received. A lot of people shared how the article had come at the perfect time for them, because they were dealing […]

Aspects of the feminine…diving deeper into emotional connection…

Unlike the masculine, whose default is the mind & logic, the feminine’s is that of the heart & emotion, today we get to learn more

Does a broken heart ever mend, or do we just end up living with the scars of heartbreak?

We’ve all experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives…but does the pain ever heal? Or do we just get left with scars?

Do you only allow yourself to feel good when you’ve ‘done good’?

So many women feel they need to have ‘done good’ before they’ll allow themselves to feel good…but what if there were another way?

Are you making yourself miserable, trying to do what ‘should’ make you happy?

Have you found that what ‘should’ make you happy often doesn’t? So how about throwing out the shoulds and learning what does?

18 ways to feel more feminine…

Finding what makes you feel more feminine has never been so much fun!

Sun Star Goddess

How I can I feel more feminine?

Have some fun finding your way to feel more feminine…

Would you like to know how to reduce the worry, stress and anxiety in your life?

I’ve yet to find a woman anywhere who has never experienced worry, stress and anxiety of some form, today I share how to let it go…

How often do you celebrate?

Often we need something to remind us to celebrate, a date in the diary, a reminder in the calendar…but is there another way?

How do I find the balance between needy and not interested?

So how do you find the balance between being needy and not at all bothered? The good news is that there is a sweet spot between the two. The place that if you can find it will make a huge difference to all your relationships.

Do you have someone that you need to forgive? Are you aware that person is probably you?

Most people have someone they need to forgive…but often they don’t realise that the person they need to start with is themselves…

Can being dumped the night before Valentine’s Day be a good thing? Last year I found out…

Valentine’s Day can be difficult. If your partner dumped you the night before it’s devastating. I know. This was my Valentine’s last year.

What does being vulnerable actually mean? How do you do it?

We learned last week that being vulnerable is a gift that we give ourselves, but what does being vulnerable look like? How do we do it?

So what’s so great about being vulnerable anyway?

It’s generally understood that being vulnerable will help us to connect with our feminine nature…the question though is why? What’s so great about being vulnerable?

Thursday Thought Quote: Follow your heart, it’s the only one that can read the map ~ Claire Brummell, Feminine 1st

Thursday Thought Quote: Follow your heart, it’s the only one that can read the map…

How do you deal with the big ‘O’?

So last week we started talking about the big O.

…no not that one…

How do you deal with overwhelm in a feminine way? – Part One

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? If so, here are my top ten ways to deal with overwhelm in a feminine way…