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Do you know how to speak ‘man language’?

The biggest challenge in relationship is communication, understanding the difference between man language & woman language can help a lot…

Do you know what fake feminine looks like?

The danger with wearing a feminine mask, with putting on fake feminine is that most of the women who are wearing them have no idea…

Have you ever worn a masculine mask?

So many women are wearing a masculine mask without even realising it…are you one of them?

Why do some women avoid masculine men?

It’s important before you make the decision to avoid masculine men, that there is more than one kind, as it might change your choice…

Have you ever had a reaction to the word Feminine? Did you know there are two types of feminine?

When we have a negative reaction to the word feminine, it’s because we’re thinking of only one type of feminine, not knowing there’s another

Would you like to know how to reduce the worry, stress and anxiety in your life?

I’ve yet to find a woman anywhere who has never experienced worry, stress and anxiety of some form, today I share how to let it go…

Do you know how to release masculine tension?

These days so many women spend so much time in their masculine in order to be successful in their careers that they have a disproportionate amount of masculine tension in their bodies. Do you know how to release it?

Do you know when to follow your intuition and tell your head to butt out?

Your brain can be helpful, it can also be a pain in the @ss, so learn when to tell it to butt out and follow your intuition…

Did you miss the Q&A Webinar on Femininity, Masculinity, Polarity, Dating & Relationships?

The full recording of the Q&A webinar on Femininity, Masculinity, Polarity, Dating & Relationships is now live!

Would you like to know how to unleash the masculine in your man?

Have you ever wondered how you can bring out the masculine in your man? In this short video, I share the secret most women want to know…

Have you ever felt low energy, depleted or unfulfilled in your job?

Have you ever thought what am I doing in this job? Have you ever felt tired, uninspired, drained…dreading going to work in the morning?

How do I find the balance between needy and not interested?

So how do you find the balance between being needy and not at all bothered? The good news is that there is a sweet spot between the two. The place that if you can find it will make a huge difference to all your relationships.

Why am I attracting the opposite of what I want?

Have you ever asked “why am I attracting the opposite of what I want?” most women have at some point in time about something in their life…

Are you one of the single women who requested the 7 mistakes webinar recording?

The full 7 mistakes single women make when looking for love webinar recording is now live, click here to view it now.

How can you have a relationship vision and not take the masculine hunter approach to get it?

Is it possible to have a specific relationship vision and not take the masculine ‘hunter’ approach to getting it?

How do you cope with pre-date jitters?

There aren’t many people out there who haven’t had a few pre-date jitters at the thought of an upcoming date at some point in their lives…but how do you overcome them?

Do you know the first mistake single women make when looking for love?

The first free video in the series 7 mistakes single women make when looking for love…do you know what it is?

How can you help yourself to find a masculine man or feminine woman?

We want to be with someone who will be our equal & opposite, the one who will be the yang to our yin, the masculine to our feminine. What we don’t realise is that it’s not just about what’s inside the other person, whether they are masculine or feminine at core is not the whole story….

Are you struggling to find a masculine man or feminine woman?

When we start to learn about masculine, feminine, and the power of polarity we realise that we would like to find someone who opposite to ourselves, but it’s not always easy. Watch the video now to find out where the masculine men and feminine women are hiding…

Why do feminine women put on a masculine mask?

Have you ever wondered where your masculine mask came from? Why it appeared, where you learned it from, and how to remove it?