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Would you like to know how easy it is to inspire someone?

Inspiration is a funny thing.

We can inspire people in so many situations, often when we’re not intending to inspire, that’s when we can inspire the most.

I’m very lucky in that I’m easily inspired. People inspire me every day.

But do you realise how easy it is to inspire others? It only takes a little effort or a little time and you can have a profound affect on someone’s day / month / year / life.

Perfectly Imperfect Action is Better than Perfectly Perfect Inaction

So here it is…Claire raw. No makeup, no jewellery, hair just scraped back…perfectly imperfect. I usually take a couple of attempts to do these videos, but today I made a commitment that no matter what happened, I would do it in one….watch the video to see how it panned out…

Do you have a peaceful place?

Today I want to share with you how important it is to have a peaceful place. Somewhere you can go to relax, unwind, de-stress. So today I share with you one of my ‘peaceful places’ and give you some ideas and suggestions for your own…watch the video to find out all about it…

The Magnetism of the Masculine and the Feminine

Today I want to share with you about the magnetic qualities of the masculine and feminine and how important they are to creating that real passion, desire and attraction within relationships.

Shhh…what was that?

Did you hear that? No? Brilliant…that’s the sound of silence then.

How often do you really take the time to just be and enjoy some real quiet?

I did a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. Watch the video to find out all about it…

Do you remember to clear your space?

After two weeks of absolute craziness, last week I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed at the huge number of tasks on my to do list. Although I had a lot to do, it turns out that the thing that helped me out more than anything wasn’t checking off an item on my to do list…

Do you remember to do this?

So the last couple of weeks have been a little crazy and busy at my end…OK, they’ve been downright manic! Between filming, party buses, new baby nephews, I’ve barely stopped, and had very little sleep! So I needed to make sure that I recharged my batteries…and how did I do that? Watch the video now to find out…

Do You Stop to Appreciate The Simple Things…?

Sometimes we women can get a little caught up in the craziness of life. Things can seem a little stressed, a little crazy, and when our focus moves onto these aspects we can lose a little perspective. The challenges can seem big and overwhelming and we can forget that we’ve got so much to be grateful for…

Do you show compassion towards others…even when it’s hard?

So last week I shared a video with you about self-compassion…how to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and generally be able to give yourself a break! Today we’re using that as inspiration…to show compassion towards others. It can be easy to show compassion to others when things are good…but what about when they’re not? What about when they’ve hurt you? How do you do it then?

Do you practice self-compassion?

A few weeks ago I shared a video encouraging you to take the 7-day Self Worth challenge. When I shared this video one of the messages I received back was that it had reminded someone who watched it about the art of self-compassion, which is also so important. So today I wanted to share with you a short video about the art of self compassion…

Naughty…but nice…?

There are often times in life when we just want to do something that is…a little bit naughty…

Do you share your inner sparkle?

I think that we can all agree that 2012 has brought some significant challenges my way. It’s not bee the easiest of years…but in some ways it has been the best year in a long time too.

Especially in the last couple of months I’ve really been in a great space and (apparently!)….the jig is up…other people have noticed! So why am I sharing this with you? Watch the video now to find out…

The importance of polarity in relationships

I’ve had a lot of fun and games this week with various timezones…and in the midst of it all I had a great conversation on a radio show based out of LA and I wanted to share with you the discussion we had…watch the video to find out more…

Did you take the 7 Day Self Worth Challenge? So, what’s next?

So this time last week I set you a little challenge…to take part in the 7-day Self Worth Challenge. Did you join us? If so…the question is…what’s next…?

Will you take the seven-day self-worth challenge?

It’s been way too long since I’ve got in front of the camera and had a chat with you face to face and since today I have such an important message to share there seemed like no better time than the present! Watch the video to find out all about the seven-day self-worth challenge, inspired by Gary King and his fantastic “Happiness Formula”…

The Feminine Way to Business Success – The Complete Collection!

As you know, recently I took part in the 30 day YouTube business challenge, where I recorded 30 (…well actually it ended up as 32!) videos showcasing hints and tips on “The Feminine Way to Business Success”. Since the challenge ended I’ve had lots of people contact me to say that they loved the videos, […]

The Feminine Way to Business Success – Emotions in Business – Day 30 of the Youtube Challenge

Day 30 of the Youtube challenge! Over the last few years women have got the message that emotions and business don’t mix. We’ve been told to ‘check our emotions at the door’ and ‘don’t get emotional’. While at times these are helpful pieces of advice, on the whole I have to say that I disagree. […]

The Feminine Way to Business Success – Collaboration – BONUS video for the Youtube Challenge

A BONUS video for the Youtube challenge! In the past business has very much been about competing with everyone around you. You need to do more, perform better, win at all costs. But what if there was another way? What if there was a way to succeed by working WITH the people around you, rather […]

The Feminine Way to Business Success – Recognition & Reward – Day 29 of the Youtube Challenge

Day 29 of the Youtube challenge! We all know how nice it is to be recognised and acknowledged when we’ve done something well…so why is it so often overlooked in a business environment? It’s important to understand how taking the time to recognise and reward the people around us can make a huge difference to […]

The Feminine Way to Business Success – Intuition – Day 28 of the Youtube Challenge

Day 28 of the Youtube challenge! We’ve all heard about Female Intuition…whether you think that it’s some sort of supernatural ability or just a subconscious link between awareness and experience. So the question is, how can your intuition help you in business? Watch the video to find out more: So, in the past have you […]