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You get out what you put in…

It’s a concept that we’re all familiar with, we’ve heard it a hundred times… …you get out what you put in. We all know it…but do you always remember it? I know that for me, I had an experience last year that took my understanding of it to a whole new level. …not only that, […]

Are your thoughts getting in the way of your feelings?

As we know from the definition of femininity, our emotions are a crucial aspect of the feminine. Connecting into our emotions, and what we’re feeling helps us to connect into our femininity. The challenge that we have these days is that we spend so much time in our heads, rather than our hearts and our […]

Do you celebrate all the little things?

So this Christmas I got to spend some great time with my family. It’s one of my favourite times of the year, and getting to spend it with the people that I love most is wonderful. One of the best things about this Christmas was getting to spend it with my 18 month old nephew. […]

Does your ‘ help ’ sometimes actually hinder?

I know what it’s like when you have someone reach out to you to share about a problem or challenge that they’re having. You want to be there for them, you want to be the best friend you can, you want to help them. You know exactly what to do. You listen to their problems. […]