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Do you struggle with meditation?

Gasp! I did it. I used the “M” word. It’s a word I’ve been careful to avoid since launching Feminine 1st two years ago…because it’s a word that can really alienate people. “Meditation” When you use the “M” word, it can provoke a really strong reaction. Some people think that it’s “woo woo” and not […]

The Feminine Way to Enjoy Christmas…

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. The lights are sparkling, the tree is up…it can be truly magical. As feminine women it can be a great time of year…we can indulge the playful, childlike side of the feminine, we can connect with people who we maybe don’t see as often throughout […]

Would you like to know how to avoid the annual break-up season?

The festive season can be wonderful. …it can also be a really challenging time of year. Family commitments, present-buying, Christmas parties, money-worries, end of year deadlines… It’s a recipe for a stress-cocktail. It’s no surprise that according to Facebook, December is the month of the year with the highest number of breakups. The problem with […]

It’s official – Men’s and women’s brains are physically different. So how does this affect our relationships?

At a gut level we’ve always known that men and women are fundamentally different. We didn’t need a research paper to tell us that men and women have very different approaches, motivations, thought processes and emotional responses to life…just listen to any couple arguing and the differences are apparent. But nevertheless the research released this […]