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Aspects of the feminine…it’s time to add some energy!

Today marks the end of our deep dive into the different aspects of the feminine…we’ve covered Flow, Emotional Connection, Magic, Inspiration, Nurturing, Intuition and natural. And not only do we get to complete our understanding on the elements of the feminine… ….but we also get to dispel one of the common myths about femininity. Because […]

Today’s Fabulous Friday Fellow is Ben Macnaughton

I’ve often wondered how military families do it. How do they live with the constant distance between them and the fear that any day they may receive bad news? I don’t know if I would be strong enough to do it…it was bad enough having friends serving in war zones, let alone a member of […]

Aspects of the feminine…it’s all natural

We’re now nearing the end of our deep dive into the different aspects of the feminine, as this week is our penultimate aspect. We’ve already looked at Flow, Emotional Connection, Magic, Inspiration, Nurturing and Intuition…and today we focus on one of the most important aspects. This is what I would describe as the foundational element […]

Today’s Fabulous Friday Female is Sarah Nelson

If you’ve been with us at Feminine 1st for a while now, you’ll know that I have a couple of weaknesses… One of these weaknesses is cupcakes and another of them is random acts of kindness… So when I saw a video that combined both of these, it made my day. Sarah Nelson is an […]

Aspects of the feminine…Do you use your intuition?

So on our journey into the different aspects of the Feminine so far we’ve covered Flow, Emotional Connection, Magic, Inspiration and Nurturing. Today we get to look at one of the aspects of the feminine that can cause the most confusion, and be the most challenging to understand and embody. …but it’s also one of the […]