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A celebration, a gift for you, and a confession (and apology) from me…

I am SO excited…because this week we have a TRIPLE celebration here at Feminine 1st.  It is Feminine 1st’s second birthday, this week was our 100th newsletter AND  we welcomed our 1,000th member to the Family. So this is a VERY special newsletter, where I will be sharing some VERY special gifts with you. Rather than sharing […]

Today’s Fabulous Friday Female is Mama Hill

As soon as I saw the title of this video, I knew I would enjoy it. “The Healing Power of Hugs” …I didn’t realise how deeply it would touch me. Mama Hill is a remarkable woman, who has given over her home and her life to helping young people who have nowhere else to go. […]

Aspects of the feminine…Are you in touch with your nurturing side?…

So we’ve now passed the half way point on our deep dive into the different aspects of the Feminine… We’ve looked at Flow, Emotional Connection, Magic, and Inspiration…and today we look at the first N…Nurturing. Nurturing is fundamental to the feminine…but quite often it’s not a quality that a lot of women connect with or […]

What changed my experience of heartbreak forever?

So last week I gave you the first of my answers to the question “Why does heartbreak hurt so much?” The second answer that came to me when I asked the question “Why does heartbreak hurt so much?” tends to apply more when you feel like the decision to end the relationship has been completely […]

Today’s Fabulous Friday Fellow is Seth Adam Smith

If I told you that today’s Fabulous Friday Fellow, having recently got married, has decided that marriage isn’t for him, you might be surprised. In fact, you might think the guy is actually a bit of a jerk. But you’d be wrong. Because this week Seth Adam Smith posted an article on his blog that […]

Aspects of the feminine…What’s your inspiration?

It’s time to take another step deeper into the aspects of the feminine…and at the end of this video we’ll be halfway there along our journey! It’s so important for you as a feminine woman to be able to really get to know the different aspects of the feminine, and to understand what they mean […]

Why does heartbreak hurt so much?

Last week I shared an article to answer the question “Does a broken heart ever heal or are we just left with the scars”, and I was very touched by the reaction the piece received. A lot of people shared how the article had come at the perfect time for them, because they were dealing […]

Aspects of the feminine…It’s all about magic…

So our journey deeper into the aspects of the feminine continues this week, with an element that is so often forgotten. Life as an adult woman can get a bit tough…we have a lot to do, we tend to feel overwhelmed and under pressure. We have so many hats that we’re trying to wear and […]