The dreaded s word

The dreaded ‘S’ word – Part 2

So yesterday we talked about the dreaded “S” word…”Should” and that step 1 in solving our “Should” problem is first, to work out and ensure that these beliefs are actually ours. The second problem with “Shoulds” is that very few people actually do them. How many times do you say “I should lose weight” and […]

The dreaded S word

The dreaded ‘S’ word – Part 1

We all know it. We all use it multiple times a day. It’s the “S” word that is dominating our lives. No, it’s not “Shoes” (although they do play a major part for me!)…No, it’s not Sugar (though many of us do indulge from time to time I’m sure)…No, it’s not S&@t! It’s “Should”. How […]


What is Femininity to YOU?

OK, so before I go babbling on about all this fabulous content I have on being feminine first, I really want to get to know you girls a bit better. What do YOU think about femininity?  Do you see yourself as a feminine woman?  What aspects of femininity would you like to know more about? […]

So what's so important about femininity anyway?

Femininity – So what’s in it for me?

So what’s so important about Femininity anyway? So what’s so important about Femininity? Why should we care? We’ve been proving to everyone out there, men and women alike, that we can do anything and everything that the boys can do (often quicker and better!) for decades now…so what’s the big deal? I mean, we’ve still […]