Free Webinar Taster Sessions

Femininity for the Single Woman

As I mention in the video above I’ve been contacted by single women all around the world who are struggling with the concept of Femininty and what it means to them, especially in the absence of a partner around who is taking on the role of a masculine man.

Do you want to know how to release some of the baggage that you might be carrying from previous relationships? To know how to really reconnect with yourself and get back to what’s important to you?  To learn how to really embrace the different aspects of femininity and understand what they look like for you?  To understand how to utilise the masculine traits you have inside you, without stepping fully into ‘masculine mode’ for long periods of time?  Would you like to prepare yourself for the relationship that you’ve always dreamed of and deserve…and learn how to become magnetically attractive to a masculine man?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone, so I am putting on free “Femininity for the Single Woman” taster sessions to start giving you the answers that you’re looking for.

I will be running this FREE taster webinar on the following dates…Select the webinar time which is best for you:

Wednesday 15th August 2012 – 9:00pm BST (London) 

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  • PDT (Los Angeles) – 1:00pm
  • MDT (Denver) – 2:00pm
  • CDT (Chicago) – 3:00pm
  • EDT (New York) – 4:00pm
  • ART (Buenos Aires) – 5:00pm
  • GMT (Dakar) – 8:00pm
  • CET (Paris) – 10:00pm
  • EET (Athens) – 11:00pm
  • MSK (Moscow) – 12:00am (Thursday 16th August 2012)
  • IST (Mumbai) – 1:30am (Thursday 16th August 2012)
  • CST (Beijing) – 4:00am (Thursday 16th August 2012)
  • WST (Perth) – 4:00am (Thursday 16th August 2012)
  • JST (Tokyo) – 5:00am (Thursday 16th August 2012)
  • CST (Adelaide) – 5:30am (Thursday 16th August 2012)
  • EST (Sydney) – 6:00am (Thursday 16th August 2012)
  • NZST (Wellington) – 8:00am (Thursday 16th August 2012)


Friday 17th August 2012 – 2:00pm BST (London)

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  • PDT (Los Angeles) – 6:00am
  • MDT (Denver) – 7:00am
  • CDT (Chicago) – 8:00am
  • EDT (New York) – 9:00am
  • ART (Buenos Aires) – 10:00am
  • GMT (Dakar) – 1:00pm
  • CET (Paris) – 3:00pm
  • EET (Athens) – 4:00pm
  • MSK (Moscow) – 5:00pm
  • IST (Mumbai) – 6:30pm
  • CST (Beijing) – 9:00pm
  • WST (Perth) – 9:00pm
  • JST (Tokyo) – 10:00pm
  • CST (Adelaide) – 10:30pm
  • EST (Sydney) – 11:00pm
  • NZST (Wellington) – 1:00am (Saturday 18th August 2012)


These webinars are scheduled to be One Hour long, but will have a short Q&A session at the end of the hour.

Please note that this course is for women only,but I will be running an equivalent course for men later in the year.  If you would like to receive details of this course when they are available, please enter your contact details here to indicate interest and receive our weekly newsletter: