The next stepOnce you’ve got foundations and the fundamentals around Femininity, I often get asked… what’s the next step?

So I’ve created two very special packages for you to take your understanding about Femininity, and how it applies to and affects the different areas of your life, to the next level.

If you’re brand new to the concepts of Femininity I highly recommend getting your feet wet with our Free Membership to the Feminine 1st Family.

Included in the Free Membership is an Audio MP3 called “The First Steps to Femininity” which covers the basics and is a great place to start, you also get access to over 80 videos here on the site to help get you started on your femininity journey.

If you’re already a Free Member of the Feminine 1st Family, the next step for you is our Bronze Membership to the Feminine 1st Family.

Included in the Bronze Membership are over 30 Premium Videos that dive a little deeper into the aspects of femininity and give you some real practical ideas and suggestions for how you can embody femininity even more.  We have a number of videos that will help you to cultivate your own Unique Femininity Formula, as well as a series that looks at each of the aspects of femininity individually and gives you some specific ways to begin to introduce them into your life at a deeper level.

Feminine 1st Family



First Steps to Femininity MP3 – A downloadable 45 minute MP3 for you to listen to at your leisure to give you some hints and suggestions for how to take your first steps to reconnect with your own femininity

Regular Feminine 1st Newsletter – A regular newsletter to help take you step-by-step through your femininity journey.

Feminine 1st Free Videos – More than 80 videos on a variety of subjects all relating to you and your femininity. From the feminine way to business success, to understanding men and how to create better relationships

Feminine 1st Premium Videos – Access to all the Premium Feminine 1st videos including the Unique Femininity Formula series and the Aspects of the Feminine series…including practical ideas and suggestions for how to embody them in your life.



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