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Do you want to become

an empowered feminine woman

in business, life and love?

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Would you like to understand

how to be a woman in the modern world

and still feel like yourself?

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Would you like to know how to have

fantastic, mutually fulfilling relationships

in every area of life?

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If you want, I can show you how.

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What are people saying about Feminine 1st and Claire’s work?

Clare was able to "hold space" for me to have a huge breakthrough in my life, by being fully present and asking a few masterful questions. She made no judgments and I felt safe with her the very first time we met. If you're a woman who wants to live in an empowered feminine way, Claire is the coach for you. And if you're a man trying to get your mojo back after a failed relationship, I can't think of anyone who could help you more powerfully than Claire.

Johanna Lyman, San Jose, California - Author, Speaker, Coach: www.romancerecovery.com

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