Step 3: Recommended Relationship Articles

So now we get to look at relationships and the recommended relationship articles to read first on the site (whether you’re single or have a partner) to begin learning more about relationships, understanding men better and improving your intimate relationships both now and in the future…

How to avoid the annual break-up season

Would you like to know how to avoid the annual break-up season?

The festive season can be wonderful. …it can also be a really challenging time of year. Family commitments, present-buying, Christmas parties, money-worries, end of year deadlines… It’s a recipe for a stress-cocktail. It’s no surprise that according to Facebook, December is the month of the year with the highest number of breakups. The problem with […]

mens womens brains

It’s official – Men’s and women’s brains are physically different. So how does this affect our relationships?

At a gut level we’ve always known that men and women are fundamentally different. We didn’t need a research paper to tell us that men and women have very different approaches, motivations, thought processes and emotional responses to life…just listen to any couple arguing and the differences are apparent. But nevertheless the research released this […]

Does a broken heart ever mend, or do we just end up living with the scars of heartbreak?

We’ve all experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives…but does the pain ever heal? Or do we just get left with scars?

Do you let a man have time in his cave?

Getting the importance of ‘the cave’ for your man could be the lifeline in your relationship…

Do the men in your life know how to help and support you?

So many women are frustrated that they don’t get the help and support they want from their men…but there is an easy way to change this…

If you’re a masculine woman, or a woman operating from her masculine, will you attract a feminine man?

If you’re a masculine woman, or a woman operating from her masculine the majority of the time, will you attract a more masculine man?

Have you ever had a 69?

I guarantee that at some point in your life you’ve had a 69…and it might not be what you’re expecting…

How to deal with Heartbreak…

A question that I get asked on a regular basis is “How do I deal with a broken heart and still stay in my feminine?”

As we know, being feminine is about being open and embracing the ability to be vulnerable. So I’m going to be completely open about my current personal situation…

As you may or may not know, unfortunately I have recently experienced heartbreak first-hand.