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You’re now at the point where you’re ready for the next level…ready for videos and articles that go a little deeper, give you even more to work with and provide a new level of insight, advice and suggestions for you.

As you’re already a free member of the Feminine 1st Family, you have had a taste of what being a member of the family can offer…but now I want to give you a great offer to try out the Bronze level membership and get a weekly premium video article to help you embody the feminine even more.  The great news is that as a Bronze member you can even request the answer to a specific question or topic that’s been bothering you and I’ll record a premium video to provide you with your answer.

As we know, Femininity is all about creating connections and communities and nurturing relationships.   A sense of sisterhood and connection to other feminine women walking the same path as us can help us to stay connected to our own femininity as well as allowing ourselves to get help and support from people who understand us and the journey we’re on.

Women jumpingThe Feminine 1st Family is a community for YOU. To help you along your journey, to give you support along your path. Whether you are a single woman looking to attract the man and relationship you desire and deserve, a married woman who is looking to reignite the spark of passion in your relationship, a Mum who is looking to find the balance between being a woman and giving her children what they need, or a woman who is looking to re-connect with herselfrediscover her femininity and learn to love herself…this community is for you.

As a part of the Feminine 1st Family you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other women who are walking the same path as you, to get answers from me to the questions that have been churning at the back of your mind, to practice your vulnerability in a safe space, to get support from other women who understand and can relate to the challenges you’re experiencing and even the opportunity to work one-on-one with me.

My intention is for you to feel that there is a place for you within the Feminine 1st Family and a membership that is perfect for your needs.

But this step is all about just testing the water and trying out the next level to see if it works for you.

Bronze membership is normally £17 a month, but in order to thank you for your commitment to working through the step-by-step guide, I would like to offer for you to try out Bronze membership for only £9.99 a month for the first two months.

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…and by trying out the bronze membership you will also be able to also take advantage of step 12, which shares with you the top recommended member videos, just click the button below to give it a try and see the best member videos we have available on the site.