Step 13: Recommended Friendship Articles

As women our connections with other women are incredibly important to us, the bonds of friendship and sisterhood can not only provide a powerful support, but can actually help us to connect more deeply with ourselves and discover more about who we are.  So this step includes our recommended articles on friendship to help you to understand how to create these powerful connections with other women in your life.

How can you create sisterhood with the women in your life?

Would you like to know the 25 ways you can create sisterhood with the women in your life?

Do you know how to create sisterhood with other women?

How do you create sisterhood with other women? What does it look like in every day life?

How do you find the women who will become your soul sisters?

The great thing about female friends is that you can never have too many, so how do you find the women who will be your soul sisters?

Do you know how important sisterhood is to women like us?

As women our relationships with other women are so important…and yet often we’re not aware of how incredible these relationships can be…

Do you know the 6 friends every woman needs in times of crisis?

There are 6 friends every woman needs in a crisis, do you have all of them?

What does being vulnerable actually mean? How do you do it?

We learned last week that being vulnerable is a gift that we give ourselves, but what does being vulnerable look like? How do we do it?

When was the last time that you reached out..?

We have got into this habit of dealing with everything on our own and putting a ‘brave face’ on things…that has lead us to pulling back from the people around us when we need them most…

The 10 friends every girl needs…

Friends are awesome. My life is blessed because of the great friends that I have in it….I’m lucky enough to have some truly amazing friends spread across the globe. When I was much younger though, I had some challenges with my friendships. I am a very giving person, and I often found myself feeling like […]