Step 14: Recommended Articles about Business / Work

It can be challenging as a women these day to know how to embrace being a woman in our businesses and at work.  It can feel like we need to do business like the men do in order to be successful, but the truth of it is that as women we have a lot of natural skills and abilities that are incredible powerful in business, and by learning to tap into them we can be more successful than ever. So here is a selection of our recommended articles on Business and work…

Do you really know your value as a woman?

Do you really know your value as a woman? In life, in business, in love, in friendships…?

How do you achieve your goals in a feminine way?

Just because you’re feminine doesn’t mean you don’t have any goals, so how do we go about getting them without stepping into our masculine?

Could belief be the difference that turns your dreams into a reality…?

Most of us have heard about the secret, the law of attraction or some other variant of the power of intention…but it wasn’t until I got to California that I started to realise how powerful setting a strong, specific intention and having complete belief in it becoming a reality could be…

Can feminine women ‘bring home the bacon’?

Today’s post is written in direct response to a message that I was sent in the last couple of weeks from someone who is a single mum. Being a single mum, she is struggling a bit with the concept of femininity, especially in relation to being the sole breadwinner in her household…

The Feminine Way to Business Success – The Complete Collection!

As you know, recently I took part in the 30 day YouTube business challenge, where I recorded 30 (…well actually it ended up as 32!) videos showcasing hints and tips on “The Feminine Way to Business Success”. Since the challenge ended I’ve had lots of people contact me to say that they loved the videos, […]