Step 7: Recommended Body Image Articles

As someone who struggled with body image issues for a large part of her life, and who works with women all over the world, I know how important our body image is, and how much we women struggle with it.  So below you can find the articles we recommend reading first to begin to love your body, just as it is…

Do you see your body like a reflection in a hall of mirrors?

Do you see your body as it really is, or do you see it through glasses that only focus on the bits you don’t like?

What’s your naked truth?

Naked. Nude. Bare. Sans-clothing. Starkers. Birthday Suit. Au Naturel. In the Buff. Skin to the wind…

Do you recognise your own beauty? I didn’t…

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? When you see photographs of yourself, what do you notice? Do you see yourself as you are? Or do you see what you believe is there? The reason that I’m asking this is that for many many years I didn’t see what was there. I saw what I thought was there.

Does my bum REALLY look big in this?

How often in life do you:
– See things as worse than they really are?
– Listen to other people’s opinions without stopping to question whether they are actually based on fact?
– See what you expect to see…as opposed to what’s really there?


Perfectly Imperfect.

I came across this video by the brilliant Jesse Rosten last week and I have to say that it struck a chord. It reminded me of the Dove Evolution video below from a few years ago. I love the different approaches that these two films have taken. The Fotoshop by Adobé uses humour to poke […]