A gift from meStep 8: A gift from me…

So the next step in our journey is learning how we’ve ended up in this situation.  These days most women are more identified with their masculine than they are with their feminine…in fact, they spend so much time wearing masculine masks to try and get ahead at work or cope with day to day life, they’ve forgotten what femininity even is.

So how did we get here?

Within a few short decades we’ve gone from having very little…to having it all…and now that we have it, we’re not sure how on earth to manage it. Our obsession with gaining ‘equality’ with the boys is costing us dearly…and while we might be aware of the symptoms…we’re completely oblivious to the cause.

We’ve been proving to everyone that we can do anything and everything that the boys can do (often quicker and better!) for some time now…so who cares if we’ve lost a bit of our femininity along the way?

Well, the answer is…we do. We just haven’t realised it.

Yes, we’ve got it all, but we’re feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated and exhausted. It’s time for a change. That time is now…

So I created an audio program called “The Feminine Evolution” to look at the path that women have taken from the roles of wife, mother and home maker to today’s crazy lifestyle where we’re trying to do everything, have everything and be everything to everyone. This audio program looks at the struggle for control and perfection that so many women experience and provides the tools and solutions to help us take the next step in our Feminine Evolution.  To be able to manage our lives in a way which will help us to be more relaxed, more confident and more fulfilled by being Feminine 1st.

It is information that every woman needs to know and understand in order to prevent herself from burning out and running herself into the ground.

…and because this information is so important, I want to give you a little gift.  As you are going through this step-by-step guide, I know that you are committed to reconnecting with your femininity…and so I want to honour that commitment by offering you a 50% discount on the audio MP3.

To take advantage of this gift, just click the image to find out all the details of the MP3 and add the product to your cart, and when you get to the checkout simply use the coupon code “intromp3discount” and you’ll receive 50% off the regular store price.

The Feminine Evolution