Step 9: Recommended Articles on Life as a Woman

We don’t tend to stop and think about life as a woman, but it can help to have some advice on how to make it as easy as possible, so here are the articles we recommend you read first to give you the best start…

Do you only allow yourself to feel good when you’ve ‘done good’?

So many women feel they need to have ‘done good’ before they’ll allow themselves to feel good…but what if there were another way?

Have you been trying to be what you think other people want?

How often have you tried to adapt to what you think other people want you to be? It’s very common, but sometimes will actually cost THEM….

How do you deal with overwhelm in a feminine way? – Part One

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? If so, here are my top ten ways to deal with overwhelm in a feminine way…

Over-think things? Me? Never…

We all do it.

We know we do.

We get caught up in our heads, over-thinking things and analyzing them to the ‘nth’ degree…

The dreaded S word

The dreaded ‘S’ word – Part 1

We all know it. We all use it multiple times a day. It’s the “S” word that is dominating our lives. No, it’s not “Shoes” (although they do play a major part for me!)…No, it’s not Sugar (though many of us do indulge from time to time I’m sure)…No, it’s not S&@t! It’s “Should”. How […]