Ambien Cheapest

Cheap Ambien CrHave you ever had a moment where someone asked you a question and you answered before you’d even really thought about it?

…and in moments like this have you ever thought a few minutes later “I wish I’d said _____”?

I had an experience recently during some downtime with a girlfriend of mine that reminded me firstly, how important it is to allow myself to receive…and secondly how it’s OK for me to change my mind…and to express that! 🙂

Watch the video to find out more:

…you see, these days we spend so much of our lives on ‘auto pilot’ that we do and say things without really thinking about it….and when we DO think about it and realised we wished that we’d said something else, we often believe it’s too late to change our mind!

So this week is a little reminder to you that when you find yourself in moments like that, allow yourself to say “Actually, I’ve changed my mind…would you mind if…?” and see what the response is.

You might be surprised…

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x