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Your Unique Femininity Formula - Do you know how to get into your body? - Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stThese days, we women spend a LOT of time in our heads.

We think, we analyse, we wonder, we consider all the options.

It doesn’t matter what the topic, we like to make sure we’ve thoroughly considered every aspect of it.

We’ve got so used to thinking things through…that we have a tendency to over-think them!

Have you forgotten about your body?

We want to figure things out, find the solution…we’re intelligent creatures, so it’s natural for us to want to use our brains.

Think about your relationship.  How much time do you spend thinking about it, thinking about what’s great about it, what’s not so good about it, what could be better about it?

If there’s a problem you want to figure out the answer, look at the possible options, and potential outcomes and decide which course of action is likely to be the ‘best’.

But we’ve got so caught up in our heads with all this thinking that we’ve completely disconnected from our bodies.

What’s your body got to do with it?

The challenge we have as women is that logic and reasoning is a very masculine trait.

Now that’s not to say that it’s not something that women can do, far from it, but it also isn’t wise for a feminine women to spend all her time in her head stuck in the paralysis of analysis.

Getting stuck in your head is the fastest way to end up feeling overwhelmed and stuck…circling round and round with no real way out.

So the solution for us it to get out of our heads, and into our bodies…and today I give you a few ideas to get you started:

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So would you like to know how you can get back into your body?

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Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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ThinkingWe all do it.

We know we do.

We get caught up in our heads, over-thinking things and analyzing them to the ‘nth’ degree.

As women, we have a tendency (in general) to do this more than men do…as men have the ability (as alien as it may seem to us) to do the ‘thinking about nothing’ thing.

I’ve yet to meet a woman who has mastered this skill.

If you saw the link in last week’s newsletter to the hilarious video from Mark Gungor on the difference between men and women’s brains you know exactly what I’m talking about! (If you missed it, you can find it here Ambien Online Overnight Shipping)

We’re intelligent people, so it’s natural that we would want to use our brains.

We want to work out the answer, solve the problem, find a solution.

But at what point does thinking become over thinking?

Where we analyse EVERYTHING before we say or doing anything.

Where we try and find every single possible permutation of a situation, every possible outcome so that we can ‘be prepared’…regardless of what happens.

As many people say…we get caught in the paralysis of analysis.

One of the main problems with this is that we get so caught up in the thinking that we never actually get to the doing.

When it comes to femininity and polarity however, the challenge with over-thinking is more fundamental.

Because although there are things that you can do to feel more feminine, there are things you can think, even things you can wear…at its core it is a feeling.

A sensation, an emotion, an essence.

A way of being…not of thinking.

If we get caught up in our heads too much we are actually moving away from the essence of what femininity is all about.

So this is just a little reminder.

To get out of your head and into your heart a little more often.

Focus on what you feel, not on what you think.

If you’re ever in doubt over what to do or how to proceed, go back to the core.

Turn down the volume on that little voice in your head (which is probably driving you crazy anyway!) and turn up the volume on your heart.

There are a number of ways to do this, but the one that I always recommend is an exercise at the end of my free MP3 audio program “The First Steps to Femininity”.  If you’ve not yet got it, pop over here now to get your free download: Ambien Online Fast Shipping

It only takes 8 minutes, and having you’ve done it once with the audio, it’s really easy to do any time, any place.

When you’ve reconnected with your heart, from THAT place ask yourself one simple question.

What is my intuition telling me?

How do you know?  It’s easy.

When you’re in this space, feeling really connected, ask yourself the question that you want the answer to, and the first thing that instantaneously comes to mind (before your brain has a chance to kick in and complicate matters!) is what your intuition is telling you.

As we know, femininity is all about authenticity, it comes from the inside out.  The best way to find that authenticity is getting back to the heart and working from what you feel, not necessarily what you know.

So, when your brain runs riot and gets carried away…tell it to take the afternoon off and spend some quality time with your heart.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x