The launch of the Fabulous Friday Female…today’s Fabulous Friday Female is Lisa Steadman!

I love social media.

Being connected with so many other fantastic people all over the globe brings so much to my life…and continually inspire me.

As you know by now, one of my passions in life is helping women…and part of that is recognising and spreading the word of other amazing women…and sharing their work and what they do with others.

Collaborating and connecting are two of my buzz-words…I think that the more we can collaborate and support each other and the more we can connect with people who inspire us, the better.

So today I’m launching a new initiative: The “Fabulous Friday Female”…which has been inspired by a lovely lady, Claudia Crawley who I see regularly recongising and celebrating women, which I’d love to see more of us doing! 🙂

Going forward, every Friday I will be sharing with you a fabulous female who is inspiring in her own unqiue way.  It could be a celebrity, it could be my next door neighbour, it could be someone I’ve met randomly, it could be a friend, it could be anyone!  But she will fulfill 3 simple criteria:

  • She is a woman
  • She is inspiring in some way, whether big or small
  • She is someone who I would like to acknowledge, honour and celebrate

…and most importantly I would love to ask for your help on this.  I would really love for you to contact me and tell me about the women who inspire YOU.



Lisa SteadmanSo, today’s Fabulous Friday Female is the amazing Lisa Steadman…


Lisa, if you don’t know her, is a force of nature.  She is a firecracker of energy and spirit who is totally infections…you can’t help but love her.

Lisa is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, sought after speaker, breakup expert, branding consultant, and CEO of Woohoo, Inc. After spending a decade successfully branding multi-million dollar properties like Barbie while fumbling her way through romantic breakup after breakup, Lisa broke up with Corporate America and Mr. Wrong, built her own buzz worthy brand as THE Breakup Expert, became an instant best seller with her bookIt’s a Breakup, Not a Breakdown, and met and married the love of her life. Today, Lisa owns her own consulting business, branding major companies, personalities, and businesses for a 2.0 world, as well as re-branding women who are ready to reinvent themselves in love, life, and business at any age.

A frequent media contributor, Lisa has appeared on The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, KTLA Morning News, iVillage Live, The Fran Drescher Show, Playboy Radio, and New Zealand’s Good Morning. She regularly contributes content to popular websites including The Huffington Post, MSN, Yahoo Shine, EHarmony, and YourTango.

BUT all of this, is not the reason why Lisa is this week’s Fabulous Friday Female.

I would like to acknoweldge, honour and celebrate Lisa for a different reason today.

Because recently Lisa has had her life kind of turned upside down.  A matter of weeks ago, Lisa went from a woman who was never expecting to have children of her own, to taking in her 2 year old niece, along with her lovely husband (or Hubs, to those in the know).

The fact that in spite of her own inclinations not to have children, Lisa and her husband have stepped up to provide this beautiful little girl with the home, love and support that she needs due to difficulties with her birth parents is beautiful to me.

To hear Lisa talk about how the little ‘wee one’ has changed (and is changing!) her life for the better and to see the journey they are embarking upon together is really heartwarming.

I was a guest on Lisa’s radio show earlier this week, and at the beginning of the show Lisa shared a story about an experience with the ‘wee one’ which will make your heart melt…you can listen to it here:

So this is the reason that I would like to acknowledge, honour and celebrate Lisa today…and I invite you all to give a big “Woo hoo!” to Lisa for being our first, and very worthy, Fabulous Friday Female!

If you would like to connect with Lisa, you can find out more about her here:


So, going forward,  I want you to remember that this project is a group effort! I would love to acknowledge, honour and celebrate the women who have inspired you as well.  So if there is someone that you believe should feature as a Fabulous Friday Female, then send me an email ( with 3 simple details:

  • Who is your Fabulous Friday Female? (Her name and location in the world)
  • Why is she a Fabulous Friday Female to YOU? (How do you know her? What does she do?  In what way is she inspiring?)
  • A photo or link to a picture of her online (if there is a reason that you would prefer not to include a photo, just let me know)

So help me to share with all of our lovely ladies the real women who inspire YOU.

…and remember, as always, to Stay Fabulous too!

Claire x

Can you be feminine and feminist at the same time?

I’m not a fan of stereotypes…in any area of life.

These days it seems that stereotypes are more like caricatures.

It is all about focusing on the extremes, rather than the norms.

I frequently find the concepts of femininity and feminism are referred to as if they are opposites.

Ironically, if you look feminism up in the dictionary, one of the definitions is “feminine character”!

I believe the reason these concepts are thought of as opposites is the caricature factor.

When the word feminist comes up, what is the image that appears in your mind?

Often people get an image of an aggressive and angry woman looking to burn her bra on the nearest bonfire and ready to take on any man (before he’s even realised that a battle is taking place!)

Likewise, when the word feminine comes up, what picture do you see?

People frequently see a picture of a woman dressed from head to to in pink fluffiness, with blonde hair and an attitude similar to that of Alicia Silverstone’s character in the film ‘Clueless’.

Neither image is an accurate representation of the women who fall into these categories.

Both are actually pretty offensive!

But what is the reality?

Femininity is all about embracing the natural qualities of a woman.

Feminism is focused on proving that there is an equality between men and women.

From my point of view, the reason that people believe that you can’t be feminine and a feminist is because of one word.

They mistake equality with being ‘the same’.

It is perfectly possible for two things to be equal and opposite…and that is the key.

Life is filled with forces that are equal and opposite: Dark and Light, Right and Wrong, Hot and Cold…the list goes on.

Male and Female is another example….equal but opposite.

For a woman to be a feminist she doesn’t need to believe that Men and Women are the same…she just believes that we are equal.

It is absolutely possible for you to be both feminine and a feminist.

I know…because I am 🙂

I’m not really a fan of the label ‘feminist’ as I feel that it is one-sided and has been misrepresented over the years. I’d actually prefer the term ‘equalist’…but I’m not sure that it would catch on! 🙂

I definitely consider myself a feminine woman.

I love being a woman and embracing all of our fantastic feminine qualities.

I also believe that we are equal to men.

Equal and opposite.

…and when we’re in balance, that’s when the magic happens.

How about you?

Are you a feminine woman?

Are you a feminist?

Are you both?

What do you think?

Stay fabulous!

Claire x