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resolutions-listSo in Cheapest Ambien With Quick Delivery we talked about ‘What is your Why?’, Being Realistic, Focusing on the next step and enjoying the journey.

And here, as promised, are the final three steps to achieving your resolutions the feminine way:

4. Take time to recognise and reward

When you do something, anything, towards your resolution or goal, take the time to feel good about it. Recognise what you’ve done, and reward yourself even if it’s just with a smile and a metaphorical (or physical!) pat on the back. It is so important for your momentum to take the time to recognise the progress you’re making (big or small) in order to stay motivated. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and take the time to acknowledge yourself and your actions.

Remember, nurturing is a key part of your femininity. So many women focus their nurturing nature externally and forget that the most important person to nurture is themselves. So make sure you nurture and support yourself by recognising and rewarding yourself as you go along.

5. Don’t persecute yourself!

The flip side of the previous point is to remember to be kind to yourself along the way. Sometimes things won’t work out exactly as you had planned, or your won’t achieve what you wanted exactly how or when you expected to. That’s OK. What’s important is for you to be OK with the fact that it’s OK.

To give you an example, my first big thing for 2012 is to sort out my morning routine in order to set me up well for the rest of the day. I have other goals which relate to my business and my personal life, but I figured if I get my morning routine sorted it will give me more time and energy for those other things later on.

So my aim this morning was to get up, and do some writing, a short meditation and some exercise before I sat down to work for the day.

I set my alarm for 5.30am last night in order to give me time to get it all done.

When the alarm went off, I got up immediately (yes, I was shocked too!) and went next door to do my morning writings (a technique I’ll share with you in a later blog post). I then had a 20 minute meditation before getting ready for my run. A half hour run later I came back to shower, wash my hair, change and get ready to sit down to work.

However….there was a small issue.

I had wanted to be sat down to work by 8am.

I wasn’t ready to start work until about 8:40am.

At this point I had a choice.

In the past, I would have taken this as an opportunity to berate myself for not getting things done the way I intended, and being late in sitting down to start work.

But having learned my lessons on this, instead I decided to allow myself a moment to feel good about achieving all of the things I had wanted to do before starting work. I felt great from the run, and was really pleased that I’d got up when I planned to and got straight on with everything I’d wanted to do.

So I was a little later than intended, but I can always adjust as the days and weeks go on. The main thing for me was to feel great about achieving what I had set out to do and allowing myself a moment to acknowledge that.

6. Buddy up!

It is so important to have support when you’re trying to make any change in your life. If you feel like you’re doing it alone it feels that little bit harder than if you have people who are rooting for you along the way. So in order to give yourself the best chance get yourself a buddy. A buddy can be anyone. It can be a family member, it can be a friend, it can be a person from work, a person at the gym…anyone. As long as they can and will fulfil the following criteria:

  • They will keep you accountable. This means they know what your goal is, they know what you’re doing to achieve it, and they will do their best to keep you on your path by positively supporting you.
  • They know your why. You have explained to them what you are doing AND why you are doing it. They know why it is important to you, what benefits you will experience from achieving it and can use this information to support you along the way.
  • They will positively support you. They will be your cheerleading squad every step of the way, recognising and acknowledging all the steps that you are taking.
  • They will remind you of your why if necessary. If you appear to be wavering on your path, they will use questions to remind you about what you are doing, and your reasons in order to re-focus you. It’s often good to actually give your buddy the questions you would like to be asked if you appear to be having a difficult day.
  • Ideally you will also be able to be their buddy. Buddies work best when it is a two-way process. It’s much easier to receive support if you are also able to give it…and vice versa. It is also easier to know what support will help your buddy if you are trying to achieve something and need support yourself. You don’t have to have the same goal…you just both want support in what you are setting out to achieve.
  • They will celebrate with you when you reach your target! 😀

Make sure that you choose someone that you can trust to meet all of the above criteria (there’s no point having someone who will support you when you’re doing well and who will criticise you if you make a mistake!!) and if you can support them at the same time as they support you, even better.

As feminine women, community is vitally important to us, so if you can find a supportive buddy that’s a great first step. If you can find a supportive community, even better! If you want some help finding a buddy, or some support along the way then pop over to the Cheap Ambien Online Overnight Delivery where you will find hundreds of fabulous women who will cheer you on and offer support on your journey.

So there you have it, the six steps to achieving your resolutions the feminine way! Good luck…and remember to enjoy the journey! 😀

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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resolutionsThe start of a new year is great.

You feel like you have a completely clean slate.

The previous year is past, gone, forgotten.

It’s time to start anew…create the new you that you’ve always wanted.

We create our resolutions, set our goals for the year ahead and get excited about the possibilities that the New Year holds.

We look at our lives and start to work out what we would like to improve.

We resolve to lose weight, eat better and exercise more.

We commit to becoming a domestic goddess (well Nigella made it look easy enough…)

We decide that this will be the year where our career moves to the next level.

We are determined to become the best partner / mum / friend / sister / daughter in the world.

We will give up all vices (smoking / drinking / chocolate etc etc).

We agree to finally sort out our debts once and for all and start that savings account that we’ve been talking about for ages.

The only challenge is, as women, we have a tendency to want to (and expect to) create perfection.

And when do we want to see this impossibly perfect version of ourselves? Immediately.

We start the new year off with a mountain of pressure on ourselves and what seem like impossible to achieve goals. It’s no wonder that new research has shown that the many people give up on their resolutions after less than a week!

So in order to help you to enjoy the process, I’ve created six steps to achieving your resolutions the feminine way:

1. What is your why?

The first thing to ask yourself is what do I really want? It is so easy at this time of year to feel pressured by everyone (family, friends, even the TV!) into what we think we *should* be doing. Ambien Pills Online so if you hear yourself saying the ‘S’ word (be it to yourself or to other people) take a moment to Ambien Pills To Buyp.

The second question to ask is what do YOU really want? If you’re completely happy with you and your life as it is…then why change anything? If you like your job as it is, then why focus on a promotion? If you are happy with your figure, why try to change it?

If it isn’t broke…don’t fix it! 🙂

If you do want to change something, what is most important to YOU? What would make the biggest difference to your life? What would make the biggest impact to how you feel? What would make you the most happy?

In order to be connected to our femininity, we need to look after ourselves first, in order to then give the best ‘us’ to the people who mean the most in our lives. In order to do that we must focus first on the things that mean the most to us.

AND…if we’re trying to achieve something that means a lot to us, since our ‘why’ is that much stronger, we’re more likely to be successful than if we’re doing it for someone else anyway! 🙂

2. Be Realistic

Overwhelm is a major problem for us ladies. We take on everything at once, try to make it all perfect, and then wonder why we end up crumbling under the pressure we’ve put ourselves under. So rather than expecting to make every area of our lives perfect in the first two weeks of January, how about we pick the one which means the most to us first? That’s not to say that we aren’t going to do anything on the others, it just means that we’re going to look at them one at a time.

Who said that resolutions or goals needed to be set in January? You could do them every few months if you wanted to. That way you could do something for four different areas over the course of a year. The chances of success are far greater if you focus on one thing at a time rather than pressuring yourself to do everything at once.

We also tend to be quite unreasonable in what we expect of ourselves, and then end up beating ourselves up emotionally when we don’t hit our target. So first we need to be realistic with what we can achieve. For example, aiming to lose 3 stone in weight (that’s 19kg for our metric ladies!) in a month is not going to be achievable in a healthy and sustainable way. So step one is to make sure that were not setting the bar too high.

The next step is to take any large goals we have and break them into smaller, more manageable chunks. If we want to lose some weight, why don’t we start with just a few pounds in the first month? If we reach our goal ahead of time, fantastic…we will feel great about our achievement and can create a new goal (and even be a little more ambitious if we want to).

3. Focus on the next step and enjoy the journey!

As you may know, last year I agreed to start training for a marathon…so I did a lot of running in 2011. One thing about running that I always struggled with was hills. Especially big steep hills.

I realised that the challenge was being caused by my focusing on the top of the hill all the way up. The top always felt like such a long way from the bottom or the middle (or wherever I was located on the hill at the time!) When I looked at the top, the task of getting there always seemed overwhelming and would often cause me to stop running.

I then discovered a neat little trick.

Wherever I was on the hill, if I just focused on the next step that I had to take I was fine. The next step was always manageable. The next step was always possible. The next step (as long as I took it in the right direction!) always took me another step closer to the top.

So my advice to you is always to focus on the next step, rather than setting and focusing on expectations for yourself that seem overwhelming or a long way from where you currently are. If you want to improve your fitness, rather than setting yourself an expectation of doing something every day of the week, focus on what you can do today in the direction of your goal. You can then do the same tomorrow and the day after. Likewise if you’d like to lose a significant amount of weight by a date in the future, also set yourself a target for this week and focus on that first.

As long as you keep taking the next step you’ll soon be at the top of the hill wondering how you got there!

As feminine women, being completely goal-orientated isn’t a part of our core nature (as opposed to our masculine counterparts) and so focusing on the journey rather than the end point is a great way to stay connected to our femininity along the way. Even better, if you can focus on and find a way to enjoy each next step on your journey your femininity will flourish with every step!

Come back on Friday to find out the final three steps to achieving your resolutions the feminine way…or if you just can’t wait until then you can receive part two later today in the Feminine 1st weekly Newsletter. To receive part two today as well as your free “First steps to Femininity” MP3 to kick off the New Year, Ambien Online Overnight Shipping.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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firstsI don’t know whether you remember anything about being a baby…I know that I certainly don’t (I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday!) but I guarantee that your parents do.

For the first years of your life I bet that every single thing you did for the first time was acknowledged, celebrated, and probably documented.

The first time you smiled.

The first time you rolled over.

Your first solid food.

The first time you crawled.

The first time you stood.

The first time you walked.

Your first haircut.

Your first words.

Your first tooth.

Your first day at school.

The loss of your first tooth.

The list goes on.

If you ask your parents I bet that they will remember most of these events.  Why?  Because they were significant.

So my question is…when did our firsts stop being so significant?

We still have firsts every single year…but most of them pass undocumented, uncelebrated and sometimes even unacknowledged.  🙁

I believe that our firsts are still every bit as important as when we were younger…in some cases even more so.  The older we get, the more unique our firsts become.  As our paths go off in different directions we make different choices…which lead us to different firsts.  Most people have a first tooth…not everyone has a first firewalk!  Most people have a first word…not everyone has a first day starting their own company.  Most people walk for the first time…not everyone has a first dance class.

So as our firsts become more unique, surely they become more noteworthy?

For example, in 2011 my firsts included:

  • Visiting Rimini in Italy
  • Giving Blood
  • Starting my own company
  • Visiting the Gold Coast in Australia
  • Started training for a marathon
  • Did a belly dancing class
  • Qualified as firewalking instructor

…and those are just the big ones…I’m sure there were many more smaller ones which I’ve not remembered.

So how about we bring back the celebration of the ‘first’ for 2012 by keeping a diary of firsts for the year ahead?

The idea is to keep a diary in which you record each of the firsts for the year ahead.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small, if it’s a first, it qualifies.  Every time you add a new entry into the diary, you take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the ‘first’ you are making a note of.  You can share them online, or just keep them for yourself…but take a moment to acknowledge all the little things that you are doing for the very first time.  It could be something as small as trying a new food for the first time…or as big as climbing Kilimanjaro…or anything in between!

Not only will it mean that we will get to remember, celebrate and (if you choose to) share all of the great things that we’ve never done before…but it will also encourage us to do some of the firsts that we’ve been putting off.  It’s so easy to let life get in the way of the new things that we want to do and try…but if we’re keeping track of our firsts…then maybe we’ll make time for them!  We might actually look into the places we could do that dance class…or book an hour to go an have a manicure for the first time in a salon…or finally book that trip to the place we’ve always wanted to visit…

So my suggestion is to aim to have at least one significant ‘first’ every month in 2012.  So that when you come to review 2012 this time next year you’ll have a whole lot of fantastic memories to look back on and celebrate!

Just think of the fun you could have coming up with new firsts to try…the things you could share in next year’s Christmas cards…the people you could surprise along the way…including yourself! 😀

Make it a game…have some fun with it…maybe you could do it with a friend…maybe you could do it with your partner…maybe you could do it just for yourself.

You could visit a new place for the first time, try a new type of food, learn a dance, do karaoke for the first time, start training for a marathon, learn to juggle, conquer a fear, learn a language…the list is endless!

Stay Fabulous…and make 2012 even more fabulous than 2011!

Claire x


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what did the men have to saySo…what did the guys have to say when we asked them about femininity? true Feminine 1st fashion I shall be enlisting the help of the family fortunes sound effects to assist me in demonstrating the results. So when you see the play arrow after the words “Our survey said…” hit it to see what the result was!

So…the first question on our survey was “How would you describe a feminine woman?” Obviously I don’t have space to share all of the answers the guys sent through here…but I wanted to share a couple of them that I thought you would find interesting:

A feminine woman is warm, vibrant, lively, passionate, loving, youthful, creative, spontaneous.

A feminine woman is in touch with her interconnectivity with all. She is unconditional with her love and confident in her femininity. Her power shows up through her gentle, caring nature, her inner beauty, her ability to see the whole play. Her strength shows up in times of crisis when she’s the first with a bandage, the first to comfort and console, the last to complain about her own circumstances. She is selfless and graceful, elegant and subtle, gentle and powerful, warrior like in times of need, earth mother to children of all ages.

A feminine women is a women who takes care about herself and others by pleasing the body, mind and spirit.

Fantastic guys! That most definitely requires a: [audio:|titles=ff-ding]

We then asked if they thought feminine = weak and our survey said…[audio:|titles=ff-ehurgh]

100% of the men said they disagreed with the fact that feminine = weak. Brilliant 😀

Next we asked if they found femininity in a woman attractive…and our survey said…[audio:|titles=ff-ding]

A whopping 100% of the guys agreed that femininity was attractive to them. Not a big surprise to me as most of the men who have spoken to me about femininity have said how attractive a woman is who is confident and comfortable in her femininity…glad to see the survey has confirmed the same! 🙂

So next we ask what were the positive aspects of feminine women. Again, there were too many answers to list here in full, but I’ve pulled out a selection of answers:

Willingness to lead by letting go of the control strings in a situation

Strength, confidence, elegance, unconditionality, selflessness

Inspiration, Harmony, Balance, Joy, Life, energetic, powerful, Emotion, Love, Connection

Intelligence, kindness, energy, sympathy, competence, vulnerability, strength, weakness, ambition, honesty, loads of good qualities.

Her attitude. Her presence. Her natural ability to be.

I couldn’t agree more guys.

So…we then asked them what they thought the negative aspects of feminine women (as if there were such a thing! 😉 ) and I found the results very interesting. Here is a selection:


Lack of focus

Some use it as a tool to get what she wants or plays games with it

None. People are best to be how they are.

Femininity in the modern age has been misinterpreted and has limited women from being embraced in their full expression.

I have to say, I agreed with most of the answers that came in on this topic.

For example, the suggestion that some women use it as a tool to get what they want is Ambien Tablets Online (not actually authentic feminine, but I can understand why it’s been given as an example of the negative side of things). I also wanted to say how much I agree with the last of the comments I’ve included. I couldn’t agree more that there are a lot of misperceptions and misunderstandings about femininity which have prevented women from embracing it and enjoying it fully. Luckily we’re here to help dispel some of those myths 😉

So then we asked whether the guys thought feminine women could be successful in business…and our survey said…[audio:|titles=ff-ding]

A huge 89% of the guys agreed that feminine women could be successful in business.

I couldn’t agree more…I believe men and women both have the ability to be successful in business, but the approach for a feminine woman is just different. When someone is true to themselves and being authentic, they are more likely to be successful in their endeavours than if they are forcing things or trying to be someone they are not.

Next we asked if the guys respected feminine women…and there was no debate at all!

Our survey said…[audio:|titles=ff-ding]

100% agreed that they respect feminine women…fabulous!

We then asked whether they would like the women in their life to be more feminine and our survey said…[audio:|titles=ff-ding]

89% of the men who responded confirmed that they would like the women in their life to be more feminine…which matches up very well with our female survey where the majority of the women confirmed that they would like to be perceived as more feminine by other people. It’s good to know we’re all on the same page! 😀

So then we asked the boys what aspect of a woman affects how feminine she is most.

As with the ladies there was more of an even split on this one, but mindset still came out on top with 56% of the vote. Appearance and Behaviour both scored 22%. As we mentioned in the last survey results, they can all have an affect on how feminine a woman feels but as the mindset is the key to both how a woman behaves and her appearance, I would have to agree with the majority here and say that mindset plays the biggest part.

When we asked for some examples of women in the public eye who the guys think are good examples of feminine women there was no stopping them!! The list is HUGE…so I will only list some of them here…and also point out that there were some similarities with the answers the ladies gave: Sophia Loren, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Anniston, Anne Hathaway…I could be here for a long time listing them all!

As a final note I asked the guys if they had any other comments to add…and I wanted to share a couple of these with you:

Thanks for asking the guys!

I prefer women who use their feminine sides full on but also balance in their masculine energy to be COMPLETE women.

I believe that femininity is a quality, something to celebrate and respect.

More please! 😉

I have to say that balance is essential to any part of life, and something which I will be covering in one of my blog posts in the next couple of weeks.

…and I’m not sure if the “more please!” refers to femininity or the content on the site…but either way you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

I wanted to say thank you so much to the men who took the time to respond to these questions and give us their opinions. It has been great to see how in sync the answers from the men and the women have been. I’m sure it will be interesting for the women reading this blog to see how the guys have responded.

So thanks again for the nudge to get you guys involved!

…and to the ladies, I hope the synchronicity of the answers between the men and the women has been as nice for you to see as it has been for me!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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2011So Christmas day has been and gone, and New Year’s is beckoning.

At this time of the year I like to take a look back at the past year and appreciate everything that has passed.

Now, those of you who know me well know that there are two ways that I could look at the past year.

It would be very easy for me to look back and see a long list of challenges that I faced. For example, in (admittedly just over the space of a year) every single member of my close family has been in hospital for one reason or another. There have been five major surgeries and one as yet undiagnosed. I gave up my home for most of the year to look after family. I suffered a significant injury in an accident which temporarily put my marathon training on hold.

2011 has not been without it’s challenges…that’s for sure.

On the other hand, I could look at 2011 and see the following list of wonderful events:

  • I started training for a marathon…something I never thought I would do.
  • I became a firewalking and extreme events instructor
  • I overcame my fear of needles and gave blood for the first time
  • I travelled to Australia and made some incredible friends
  • I celebrated my best friend getting married
  • I travelled to Italy to work an amazing event with some event better people
  • I launched my own company which connects me with fabulous women all over the world.

Looking at those two descriptions you wouldn’t have thought that they were the same year!!

What’s even more interesting though, is that I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and if I look at the ‘challenges’ that I’ve faced this year there is a little more to the story.

The timing of the hospital visits of each of the members of my family couldn’t have been better.  I was in a position each and every time to be able to help and support them because of the circumstances I was in personally.

Moving house to look after family reduced the worry-factor of everyone involved drastically and saved me driving across the country any time I had a spare minute to see how they were or if they needed any help.

The injury I suffered drastically changed my life.  It gave me the wake up call I needed to change the direction I was going in and was a significant moment towards me starting my own company.

So even the challenges were actually working in my favour.  We all know that Ambien Online Overnight Deliveryis important, so being able to look back on the past year in this way is really powerful.

So I would like to suggest an exercise for you to do as part of your own end of year review:

  1. Write two lists of all of the events that you can remember which have taken place over the past year, one positive and one looking at the challenges you’ve experienced.
  2. Look at the positive list and for each of the items on the list take a moment to feel gratitude for them, one at a time.  Close your eyes and relive the memory, remember how you felt, what you said, what you heard..every part of it.
  3. Look at the challenges list and for each to the items on the list see if you can find something positive about what happened.  It could be when it happened, how it happened, something that happened as a result of it, someone you met because of it…anything.  See if you can find something positive with each of the things you’ve written down.
  4. Now take a moment to feel grateful for each of the positive things for the items on your ‘challenges’ list.

I’ve found that the new Facebook “Timeline” was a great help in reminding myself of all of the things that have happened this year (you can find out all about it here: Buy Ambien Overnight) – and it was lovely going back and seeing all of the photos, videos and statuses of 2011!

So I invite you to do your own review of 2011…and to find all the things that were working for you even when everything seemed negative or bleak…as well as celebrating and reliving all of the great times you’ve had too.

…and here’s to 2012 being even better!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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Buy Ambien Online UkI love Christmas time.

It’s all about fun, family, friends…a season of magic to warm up the chill of winter outside. It’s a chance to be a big kid (not that I need any excuse!) and indulge in all the things that we spend the rest of the year saying “oh I shouldn’t…” to.

It’s also the time of year where you get to hear from people that you haven’t heard from in the last 12 months, and often haven’t seen in much longer.

When the Christmas cards started appearing a few weeks ago, it was great hearing all the little bits of news that get included with the greetings inside.

One card however, had some news that we weren’t expecting.

News that came as quite a shock.

A family friend wrote and told us that her son lost his battle with colon cancer in November.

He was 30.

Now…this might sound like a bit of a depressing topic to be sharing in an inspiring newsletter just before Christmas…but bear with me…there is a string of festive fairy lights at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

I would like to say that Steven is the first person who I have known who has parted this life early. Unfortunately I can’t.

I lost a dear friend from university to cancer in her early twenties, one of my parents’ closest friends lost his wife to a sudden brain haemorrhage, my sister lost a friend from school to cancer, and a few years back a friend and shining light in the salsa dancing community was taken from us in a car accident at the age of 24.

I have been reflecting on this a lot in the last couple of days…and it occurred to me that none of the people I have mentioned here would have had any clue that their last Christmas, was their last Christmas.

If they had known, what would they have done differently? If they had the chance to have another ‘last Christmas’ what would they do to make it the most magical of all?

Now, I hope for myself and each and every one of you that we will all live long and happy lives into old age, spending many Christmases to come filled with fun and laughter, surrounded by friends and family all driving us crazy and creating more special memories together.

But if this were your last Christmas, what would YOU do to make it the most magical? What would you make sure you said to the people you love? How would you enjoy every single moment?

What are the insignificant niggles that you would let go because they just don’t matter? What are the moments that you would take a mental photograph of? How would you make every minute with the people you care about most matter? What could you do to make it the best Christmas you and your family and friends have ever had?

As some of you know, when I was doing my marathon training earlier this year (temporarily on pause due to injury and business launches…it will be recommencing in the new year!) I had a revelation which totally changed the experience of running for me.

I realised that there must be hundreds of thousands of people in the world who would love to be able to experience what I was doing on my morning run, but couldn’t (for whatever reason). So I began running for them.

Each session was dedicated to someone else who couldn’t run for themselves…and when I ran, I ran the way I imagined that they would if they had the opportunity to run just once. It was a total game changer for me. Something which once felt like a chore became an incredible experience filled with gratitude and fun.

Now I know, that every single one of those people who didn’t realise that they were experiencing their last Christmas would LOVE the opportunity to have just one last festive season with their closest family and friends.

I’m sure that every single one of us knows someone who didn’t know they were having their last Christmas with someone special, whether they are the person who is still here, or the one who left before they expected to.

So how about you celebrate this Christmas in their spirit? Enjoy every moment of this Christmas season the way that they would if they had the chance to do it again. To soak up every second and make memories which you will all cherish.

…and why not celebrate every special occasion…even every day like it were our last? We would focus on the best of each moment, and instantly dismiss any minor frustrations which don’t mean anything when you look at the big picture. What memories we would create!

I don’t know about you…but if my lifetime is going to be the long and happy one that I fully intend for it to be, then I want it to be filled with THOSE kinds of memories. 😀

How about you?

I wish every single one of you a Christmas celebrated with the people who you love as if it were the last you were going to get. One filled with happiness, laughter and love.

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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surviving christmas the feminine waySo on Monday we started to look at the 10 top tips for surviving Christmas the feminine way…or as I like to think of it, 10 tips for a fabulously feminine festive season! 🙂

We looked at making time for you, preparing, not trying to do everything, rehydrating and smiling as our starter…and now we’re moving onto our main course (complete with roast potatoes and all the trimmings!) and dessert…

6. The four Rs – Rest, Relax, Recharge and Reward!

When time gets short, us ladies sometimes decide that to create more of it we will simply stay up later, get up earlier or worse…both! When you have a lot to do, it’s even more important to make sure that you get plenty of rest to ensure that you have the energy to do what you want to do during the day. Making sure that you get enough sleep is crucial to you being able to enjoy the Christmas season. Also, take some time during the day to have a bit of a break. Make sure that you take at least 15 minutes every couple of hours to just sit, relax and recharge your batteries before doing something else.

In addition, be sure to acknowledge and reward yourself when you’ve done something or ticked a job off your list. It’s important to appreciate just how much you are doing and take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back (or a little treat) to congratulate yourself before you move onto the next. Those little moments are a perfect chance to stop and have a little relax to reward yourself for a job well done (and smile to get that boost of feel good chemicals and enjoy the process!)

7. Create your own Christmas magic

Now this is not something that I’ve ever struggled with, but sometimes being an adult can take some of the fun out of Christmas. The money, the pressure to get the perfect presents bought, wrapped and delivered in time, getting all the food (and trying not to consume too much of it!)…it can create a lot of stress and take a lot of effort. So the best way to keep connected with your femininity over the festive season is to reconnect with your inner child. Bring back the fun, playful elements that you loved from Christmas when you were younger. Take time every day to indulge this side of you. Be a big kid, take time to laugh, dance, tell silly jokes, throw a snowball…or even better build a snowman or snow angels. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I revert to a virtual 5 year old, every time the topic of Christmas comes up, and come December 25th grown up tendencies are nowhere to be seen…as is demonstrated with our family’s annual ‘snowball’ fight with balled up pieces of discarded wrapping paper! So find something that will feed your inner child (and I don’t mean mince pies!) and let them have a bit of fun! 😀

8. Fresh Air

It’s all too easy over Christmas to enter the “Christmas bubble” at whatever location you are celebrating on December 24th and not see the outside world again until the 27th or beyond. We get into that warm space that’s filled with presents, wine, food, wine, celebrations, wine (…you get the idea!) and it’s easy to forget for a couple of days that the outside world exists. This can sometimes be a good thing. Sometimes it can be a little bit too much for us…especially when you add hyperactive children and family members into the mix. Emotions run high in the holiday season, both positive and negative, and when you add into the mix an excess of food and drink it can sometimes lead to a little bit of overwhelm. In order to break this pattern and step out of the bubble (for the sake of sanity, and staying connected to your feminine!) remember to take the time to get a little fresh air every now and again. You could nip out for a short walk, or even just step out into the garden for a few minutes (with a scarf and appropriate attire) to get a little head space, to breathe and just enjoy the fresh air for a bit.

9. Be present

When I say be present, I don’t mean to cover yourself up in reels of wrapping paper, topping off with a big bow and a label saying “Love Santa”. This is all about actually taking the time to stop and enjoy the moment that you are in. Being present to what is happening around you. Taking it all in and appreciating it. So many of us have a continuous dialogue in our heads of “30 minutes till the potatoes need to go on, still have to peel the carrots, oh and where did I put those crackers for the table…etc..etc..” or something to that effect. With all of that distracting our mind, is it any wonder that boxing day arrives and Christmas seems to have passed in a blur, with all of the details seeming a bit fuzzy around the edges? Now, while one too many festive drinkies could be partially to blame for the lack of festive recollection and the day seeming to disappear in the blink of an eye, it’s not the whole story. Not being present in the moment is a major factor in us actually missing the best of the big day, because we are focusing on what we have done / haven’t done / should have done / should be doing / need to do next. So remember on the big day to recognise the moments which you would like to really appreciate, be present in and remember long into the New Year. When you find them to bring yourself completely into the moment to enjoy them, put the voices in your head on mute (just for a short while, you can un-mute them later if you want to). At these moments focus on your senses, hear everything that is being said, see all the vivid colours and facial expressions of those around you, focus on how you feel and take a little mental picture of the moment that you can bring to mind any time you like….you’ll have a full album by the New Year! 🙂

10. Gratitude

As any of you who read Can I Buy Ambien Online recently will know, gratitude is they key to neutralising negative emotions virtually instantly. It is physically impossible to feel fear and gratitude simultaneously. Likewise, it’s impossible to feel anger and gratitude at the same time. The same goes for unhappiness. Gratitude is so powerful, and is something that we need to make an integral part of our Christmas celebrations. We all have so much to be thankful for, regardless of our individual circumstances. There is always someone who would wish to be in our shoes for one reason or another (and no, not just because they’re a beautiful pair of festive heels!) If the belts are a little tight this Christmas, remember that half of the world, over 3 Billion people live on less than $2 a day. If you get caught with the winter sniffles this year, remember the health problems that others are suffering which are so much worse. If you have a family spat…think of those people who would give anything to have their family member back with them for one more Christmas. You always have something to be grateful for…health, friends, family, the ability to smile…the list is unlimited.

So take a moment, or several, this Christmas to feel grateful for all of the wonderful things in your life that you are thankful for.

…and if you feel moved to do so, you could do something which someone else could be grateful for. You could donate to a charity, you could do something kind for a stranger, it doesn’t have to be anything big or cost any money…just doing something nice for someone else because you can. If the person who you do this for would like to pay you back…just ask them to “Pay it Forward” and do something nice for someone else. The Pay It Forward Day website has loads of ideas for things that you can do for others Cheap Ambien – get creative this Christmas and spread the Gratitude!

So there you have it, our 10 top tips for a fabulously feminine festive season. I wish each and every one of you a Christmas season full of fun, laughter and love.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

Get Ambien Prescription Online

give a little giftWith Christmas fast approaching, thoughts of shopping, wrapping and presents are never far from mind. There’s a frantic scramble in the last few weeks (or in some cases the last few days!) to check the presents which need to be purchased off the list and find something which fits the bill for each person.

But what about giving a different kind of gift this year? Not for a family member, or for a friend…to a stranger.

Not something which meets the right criteria of cost and size….something which shows a kindness and compassion for someone else…whoever they may be.

It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive, it could simply be paying the toll for whoever happens to be lucky enough to be in the car behind you and telling the toll booth attendant to wish them a Merry Christmas from a friend.

It could be visiting an elderly stranger in a home who has no family to visit them and just have a simple conversation with them. Ask them what their favourite memory is, when do they remember laughing more than ever, what was their best Christmas and why?

For me, it will be donating to and helping out at the London Basket Brigade.

It’s an initiative inspired by Tony Robbins…the idea is that we collect donations to put together food hampers for families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a Christmas dinner. Then on the 23rd we go around London delivering the hampers and telling them they are just “from a friend” and that when they are in the position to do so, to do it for someone else in the future.

It’s a wonderful initiative and they are done all over the country and all over the world. If you’re interested in supporting our team in London all the details are here: Ordering Ambien Online and if you are somewhere else in the world, just Google “basket brigade” and your location and it will bring up your local groups.

I can’t wait to see the faces of the people whose Christmases we will be making a little more special through the kindness of others. Knowing that I will be part of the team helping to give them a little bit of Christmas that they otherwise wouldn’t have is a wonderful feeling.

Being open and giving is a core part of our femininity…and the boost it will give to your internal fuzzy feeling meter is immeasurable!

So give a little unexpected gift this Christmas…and remember to stay fabulous!

Claire x


I love synchronicity! Having posted this blog this morning, I then went onto Facebook and saw this video…which so eloquently demonstrates what I’m talking about here…so I thought you might like to see it too:

Here is the link if videos don’t play in your browser: Ordering Ambien Online Safely

Much love and festive hugs x






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Young woman wearing Santa's hat is screaming.Christmas can be the most magical time of the year. It can also, as we all know, be stressful, overwhelming and something that people absolutely dread.

We know that we women have a tendency to take on a little too much and Christmas often throws another dozen balls into our over-capacity juggling act!

So the question is, how do we not just survive the Christmas season…but actually ensure that we ENJOY it?

We usually spend so much time at this time of year worrying about whether everyone else is having a good time…and this year it’s important to make sure that we have fun too!

So here are ten top tips for making your Christmas as magical as everyone else’s:

1. Make time for you

I can hear the protests already! “I don’t have time to do everything I’m supposed to do, how am I supposed to find even more time for me?!” The answer is very simple…you can’t afford not to. In order to stay in your feminine and enjoy the season you need to make sure that your needs are being met so that you can continue to give to everyone else and make their Christmas wishes come true. Now we’re not talking about finding time for a fortnight in Bali (as nice as that would be!)…it’s just a case of finding a small pocket of time every day (yes, every day!) over the Christmas period to do something just for you. It could be a simple 10 minute walk to get a bit of fresh air, clear your head and get some space. It could be a 20 minute bubble bath to relax you and let the business of the day melt away. It could even be to find 10 minutes to go to your room, shut out the world and dance full out to a bit of Gaga on your ipod! It could be anything…but try and find at least 10 minutes every day which is just for you…your little Christmas gift to yourself.

2. Prepare

Plan ahead. If you know ahead of time what you want to do and when you want to do it, it saves you needing to work it out as you go along…which is the bit that normally gets us a little frazzled! It’s all the little “Now what do I need to do next?!” moments that tend to increase our stress levels, but if we plan ahead these become completely and totally redundant. The other thing is to do as much of the ‘stuff’ that needs doing as far in advance as possible. If you can get the pressies wrapped a week in advance, great. If you can prepare the veg the day before and leave them in bowls of water overnight (or even better buy them pre-prepared!), fantastic. You could also set the table the evening before. Anything that you can do to reduce your list of jobs for the actual day gets a big thumbs up!

3. Don’t try and do everything

I know, I know. This isn’t the way we’re used to operating. But trust me, when I tell you that you’re going to enjoy this a whole lot more…

The “Don’t try and do everything” tip has two parts to it. The first is to realise that there’s probably a lot of things that you think are absolutely essential for a fantastic Christmas… that probably aren’t actually very important at all. A perfect Christmas is one in which everyone has a good time together…not one where all trimmings are perfectly executed, but where you end up stressed out, completely fried and balled up in a corner somewhere hugging a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Trust me when I tell you that the people around you would much prefer you to be relaxed and enjoying yourself than running around trying to create the illusion that is the ‘perfect Christmas’. If you find yourself getting stressed and overwhelmed, stop, take a deep breath, count to 10 and ask yourself the question “What’s really important?”

The second part of this tip is to delegate. No, I’m not suggesting that you provide each member of the family with a list of their responsibilities along with their milestones, expectations and delivery times. But I am saying that it’s ok to get everyone else to help out and muck in. Even better, if you’ve got kids around you can make it fun, make it a game, let them feel like one of the ‘grown ups’ by being given a job to do!

4. Rehydrate

Over the festive season we have a tendency to…um…overindulge somewhat. There’s nothing wrong with a little overindulgence from time to time, but there are a couple of things that you can do to ensure that on boxing day you don’t wake up feeling like you’ve had rudolf, the rest of the reindeer and the elves having an impromptu party in your head! The main one is to rehydrate. We often have a tipple or two as part of our celebrations, which can leave us feeling hugely dehydrated (as well as making the ornaments on the Christmas tree appear a little fuzzy!) In order to combat the Boxing Day Blues, try to balance the alcohol intake with regular doses of good old H2O…your liver and your head will both thank you for it!

5. Smile 🙂

I know it sounds so simple, but remember to keep a smile on your face throughout the Christmas season. Smiling is far more powerful than most people realise. When you smile it sends a chemical message known as an endorphin throughout your whole body. Endorphins are a ‘feel good’ chemical which can spread the Christmas spirit from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Although most people have heard of endorphins, they don’t know just how strong they are. They have the ability to reduce physical pain and emotional pain and will fill you up with lovely warm fuzzy feelings! They have approximately the same strength as another well known chemical called morphine (yes, really!)…all that feel good power just from a simple smile! These fantastic fuzzy feelings will help you to stay open and in touch with your positive emotions, keeping you feeling fabulously feminine as well. So remember to keep a smile on your face…and you’re in for an instant feel good boost (no alcohol required!) 😀

Come back on Wednesday to find out the 5 remaining tips for a fabulously feminine festive season!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x