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Cheap Ambien Online Overnight DeliveryThis last week has been quite special for me.

Not only did I get to hang out with some of the most amazing people I know, and celebrate my birthday with Mickey Mouse and the best cupcakes I know of, but I was also able to go back and crew the event that changed my life forever.

Before I attended this event I’d unknowingly spent the last 20 years of my life trying to be a guy.

Masculine, Feminine, what…?

Masculine and Feminine were never talked about, or even thought about in my world (unless I was trying to work out whether a table in French should have a le or la at the front of it… and I still don’t understand how a table is feminine!)

Having been bullied at every school I ever went to, and particularly at the ‘all girl’ school I attended…I naturally felt more comfortable hanging around with the guys…and I was very good at being ‘one of the boys’ to fit in.

Very few people believe this when they hear it, but it’s true.

I was competitive, out to prove myself, and determined to show the guys that I could do everything as well as they could, if not better.

At university, studying IT and therefore surrounded by men, I didn’t earn my stripes by knowing more about the guys on my course about computers and programming (although that was quite often the case)….I earned them by being able to drink them all under the table, because that’s how the guys bonded.

Feminine Schmeminine

Moving on to a career in IT, then followed by video games, it’s easy to see how being in a more ‘masculine mode’ became part of my day to day life.

I wasn’t conscious of the fact that I was wearing a masculine mask, I didn’t know that there was any other way to do it, and I had no idea how much it was affecting me.

I was unhappy, stressed and exhausted…I was miserable in my ultra competitive work environment and was desperately trying to keep control in my intimate relationships to try and prevent getting hurt….which only led to more heartbreak.

An interesting series of events led me to attend the seminar that changed my life….including a Frisbee trampling, some nasty injuries and a hospital visit (Cheap Ambien Cr)

It was apparent that I was meant to be at this event…no matter what route I had to take to get there!

…and it soon became clear why.

When they started talking about masculine and feminine it felt like they were talking to me.

Finally Feeling Feminine

Within a couple of hours I’d made a very small shift, that was the beginning of a very exciting journey…one to rediscover myself, and to find the parts I’d lost touch with along the way.

I felt like I could breathe again, I felt like me for the first time in a long time, and I realised how much I had tried to change myself to create ‘success’, to keep other people happy and to try to fit in.

When I got back from the event I realised that I wanted to know more…if a small amount of information had made this much difference, then I wanted to see what else there was.

It wasn’t always an easy journey, removing the masculine mask and stepping back into feminine flow…and there were times that I really struggled with it…so I became a sponge for information about it to help me navigate the hurdles along the way.

I watched videos, read books, attended seminars, listened to audios…you name it, I did it! Anything and everything I could find out about the Masculine and Feminine….and it opened up this whole new world for me…one where I felt more relaxed, happy and fulfilled than ever.

…and that began the beginning of this journey – I realised that there were probably a lot of other women out there who are in exactly the same position as I was…feeling stressed, tired, and striving for perfection, and not knowing that there is another way.

Feminine 1st was born to help women reconnect with their feminine, and soon after my work with men to reclaim their masculine began too, as well as helping couples all over the world with polarity in relationships.

So it was interesting to be back at the event where it all began and see so many other women in exactly the same position as I had been, at the beginning of their journeys.

…and while I was there, something occurred to me.

I got the opportunity to look back and see just how far I’d come.

When I think back to how I was just a few short years ago, I realise just how different I am today. I’m happier, I’m more relaxed, I’m more in tune with my intuition….I’m much more fulfilled. The list of ways in which my life has changed goes on.

Just a few weeks ago I got to speak to the person who ran the seminar that introduced me to myself again and shared with him my story. When I explained how masculine I had been before he simply said “Well your feminine is in full flow now!”

When I was crewing this event I heard some beautiful compliments describing me as the “most feminine woman I know” and “a beautiful example of femininity”…and I realised that this was one of those moments to sit back and appreciate how far I’ve come.

In just a few years I’ve moved from the poster boy for masculine masks, to an example of feminine flow.

So today I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate with you how far I’ve come on my journey….and also how far you’ve come on yours.

Because even if you still feel that you have a long way to go, the very fact that you’re here, reading this article, learning more about the masculine and feminine means that you are already streets ahead of so many other people out there.

Simply knowing about these concepts and being aware of the difference they can make is half the battle. Once you’ve got that, the rest is just the details….and I’m here to help with those! 🙂

So I would like to invite you today to take a moment to stop and acknowledge how far you’ve come, because as important as it is to keep your eyes on the road ahead, it’s also good to stop every once and a while and appreciate how far you’ve already travelled.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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Ambien Pills To BuyAre you flexible?

Let’s be honest.  Sometimes you can set all the intentions in the world, but life just gets in the way.

The weather changes, other people throw in an unexpected curve ball, situations occur…it becomes very obvious that your original plans are going to be subject to change.

Would you call yourself flexible?

When these things happen we tend to have one of three choices.  We can try (inspite of the obvious indications that a change is in order) to stubbornly continue with our plans.  We can stomp our feet and shake our fists and generally throw our toys out of the pram…begrudgingly taking and alternative route.  Or we can take it as an opportunity…a doorway to possibility…and allow ourselves to bend and change with the new circumstances.

How flexible was I?

So on my last day on my previous trip to California, this is exactly what happened to me.  Plans were set, arrangements were made…and all of a sudden things seemed like they needed to change. So which choice did I take?  Watch the video now to see how…

…if I hadn’t been flexible I would have missed out on so much (and got very wet in the process!)

Could you be more flexible?

So take a moment this week to think about how flexible you are.  Could you be more flexible?  Could you see a change as an opportunity for something new that you hadn’t previously planned on?  …and what would this do for you, in your personal life, with your family, friends and even your work life if you tried this new approach?

As we all know, femininity is about being in flow…and flexibility is a big part of this. So give it a go…try a new way of looking at a change of plans…and try the flexible approach, you never know what you might find instead!

…and if you enjoyed the story then please take a moment share it to inspire others to remember to stay flexible too!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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Ambien Overnight Delivery MastercardWomen in leadership and females in business have become ‘hot topics’ over the last few years.

Between Sheryl Sandberg comment sharing how we have too few women in leadership on the TED stage and various news reports from all over the world about how women are underrepresented in business….it’s clear that this is a conversation that is sparking a lot of interest.

Women in leadership = feminine leaders?

The thing is, as we’re all acutely aware, women in leadership does not necessarily equate to feminine leadership.

We’ve all seen women in business who are doing a better job at being men than their male counterparts.  They’ve taken on the reins, slapped on their masculine masks and are leading the charge by showing very clearly who is wearing the trousers (or pants, depending where you’re based!)

I can’t blame women for taking this approach, I did it myself for a large number of years, and it’s often done because women in leadership think that’s what it takes to be successful – they’re just modeling the men who have been successful before them. It can also simply happen because the women in question have never seen or been shown another way of doing it.

But in taking this approach we end up missing out on tapping into our innate strengths.  The natural abilities we have as feminine women that can lead to successes in business that we never realised possible.

Women in leadership who tap into their feminine unleash a powerful force.

Having dealt with leadership the masculine way for many years, I know how it works.  I know that in certain circumstances it’s beneficial and in others it really doesn’t hit the mark.

But feminine leadership is a concept that I’ve only become familiar with in the last few years…and I know personally the difference that it can make.

I’m the leader of a women’s community here in London called Tribal Truth, and I’ve had times where I’ve stepped into leading in a masculine way.  I’ve taken everything on myself, I’ve been sure to keep my emotions in check and stay strong and I’ve not let anyone see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Quite frankly, at the times I’ve done this it has been lonely, painfully challenging and has felt like a continuous uphill battle.

For a woman who is feminine at her core, trying to lead in this way is at best ineffective and at worst quite detrimental.
When connecting to my femininity and leading from that place it always inspires a powerful reaction in the group I’m leading.

By connecting to my feminine and leading through emotionally connectedness, through building relationships, through collaboration rather than competition, through being openhearted and vulnerable the results are incredible.  By sharing my truth, and being seen for who I am, rather than a perception I am trying to create I inspire greater connection, respect, loyalty and support.

Even more importantly it gives those I’m leading to be seen for who they are and where they’re at, rather than feeling that they have to pretend to be something or somewhere they’re not.

It means you’re working WITH your team, rather than above them…walking along side them rather than in front of them.

Leading by example rather than by instruction.

By blending the best of our feminine traits with the masculine skills we’re so accustomed to, we find the ‘sweet spot’ that brings out the best in everyone.

Raking a purely masculine approach only gives us half the tools…as does taking a purely feminine approach…it’s when the women in leadership work WITH their male counterparts and each bring their strengths to the table, that’s when the magic happens.

Women in leadership often feel like they’re on their own

I’ve been very lucky.  When taking the tentative steps along the path of discovering what my own personal brand of feminine leadership, I’ve not been alone…I’ve had a tribe of incredible feminine leaders supporting me every step of the way.  Helping, guiding, reflecting back to me, supporting, sharing, acknowledging, celebrating,

…and leading this collection of women is a good friend of mine Tanya Paluso.

Tanya’s heart-centred commitment to ensuring that women step fully into their potential as feminine leaders is parallel to none. She stands for every woman who works with her with compassion, love and a focus on holding space for them to push through their self-imposed limitations and into the power that resides inside them.

Through working with Tanya as the London Tribe leader I have experienced breakthroughs in my feminine leadership that I wasn’t expecting, and have stepped into my power in a way that has transformed myself and the women in my tribe.

Tanya’s consistent ability to put herself out there in a vulnerable and inspiring way has allowed me to see even more clearly the power of feminine leadership and by acting as my mirror she has shown me the path to embodying it in every area of my life.

It’s by seeing how I respond to her open, honest, vulnerable leadership that I see how other people respond to my own.

In the last few weeks I’ve realised how many incredible women I have in my network and how much they have to share with you.   Tanya is one of these women and she has created a complimentary video series called “Leading in Truth” which she has allowed me to share with you.

Through this video series Tanya is sharing:

  • Why leadership is your key to freedom.
  • The Wheel of Co-creative Leadership, a cutting edge style in the new paradigm of business that we’ve been developing at Tribal Truth.
  • The 5 Essential Elements of leadership that will help you overcome the most common obstacles that women face when stepping into their power.
  • The #1 secret to starting an international organization so you can apply this powerful process to create your own movement!  (She will teach you how I took Tribal Truth across the pond to London without knowing anyone)

So if you would like to learn more about how femininity can help women in leadership and how Tanya’s own experiences can help you to step into your own power as a feminine leader then you can find the details here: Ambien Zolpidem Buy Online

In addition, Tanya is doing a free call on Feminine Leadership later today! On this complimentary call, you will learn:

  • The 3 biggest obstacles to building teamwork and partnerships and how to overcome them
  • Why you need to expand your capacity to hold more in order to reach more people
  • How vulnerability will make you a more magnetic, authentic and effective leader
  • The #1 thing you must say to someone when asking them for their partnerships that will result in more YESes and long term growth
  • Her secret formula to building a movement quickly from nothing

I think it is so important for women in leadership to step into their power, and to do it together in collaboration.

Join the call TODAY at 12pm PST (8pm GMT):Ambien Sales Online

…and in the meantime I encourage you to think about how femininity can help you, as well as other women in leadership to be the best leader they can be.

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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Discount Ambien OnlineSo life gets pretty busy from time to time, too busy for the simple things.  In fact, if your life is anything like most of the women I know it’s pretty busy most of the time.

There’s always so much to think about, so many things to do, a huge list of things to remember.  We’re trying to be everything to everyone all the time.  We set very high expectations of ourselves and so often we can get caught up in our heads.

Sometimes the simple things have to grab our attention

So while we’re busying ourselves with all this ‘stuff’, running through lists in our heads, getting to places on time and having everything we need when we arrive we tend to miss the simple things.

We don’t notice them, we take them for granted, they just become part of the background.

Sometimes the only way we notice them is for them to jump up and catch our eye, or for other people to stop us and bring them to our attention.

Sometimes other people need to help us to see the simple things

…and today I wanted to share a moment when that happened to me.  A beautiful little girl stopped me in my tracks and brought me right back to the present moment in the most lovely way possible.  Watch the video now to see how…

This was a beautiful moment for me, and it really made me focus on what was important.

Would you need someone else to point out the simple things too?

So take a moment this week to find ways to appreciate the simple things without needing a cute little 2 year old to jump in and help!  Every moment of every day you have the ability to appreciate something small and seemingly unimportant that when you focus on it can completely change your perspective.

…and if you enjoyed the story then please take a moment share it to inspire others to remember to remember the simple things too!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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Buy Ambien UkShame.

It’s an awful word, and one that conjures up some really unpleasant feelings. Undoubtedly as soon as you hear the word you instantly get transported to a moment, or possibly moments, in time when you felt shame.

It’s icky.

It’s unnecessary.

…and it’s simple to get rid of.

Shame is a disease

Shame is a horrible disease that has reached epidemic proportions across the world. It is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life (according to my friend Brene Brown, unless they are a sociopath!), and like some silent virus it’s hard to tell the people who are suffering with it.

One of the things that shame needs to survive is judgment…and judgment has become such a part of every day life that we don’t even notice it anymore. How often do you hear, think or say “I don’t think she should wear that”, “I don’t like this it makes my (Bum / Thighs / Tummy / Arms – Delete as appropriate) look big”, “Why did they do that?”, “Who do they think they are?”

We hear them all the time.

More importantly, we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than anyone.

So what does Shame have to do with Femininity?

Well, in addition to judgment, the other key things that shame need to survive are silence and secrecy. By keeping our shame to ourselves and not sharing it with others by staying quiet, we feed it and allow it to grow.

But the good news is that there is an antidote to shame.


The most powerful words to combat shame are quite simply “me too”.

Whenever we have a moment of intense shame, hearing from someone else that they know how we feel, they understand and that they’ve been there at some point too has the ability to instantly relieve the feelings that are consuming us.

…and what is the route to empathy?

There is only one way that we can show empathy…and that is to allow ourselves to share our vulnerability…to be raw, honest and truthful about our own experiences.

I can hear you now: “But Claire, you said it would be easy!! That’s not easy to do!”

I said it was simple…not easy…but when you have the courage to do something that seems hard at first you quickly realise; It’s actually far harder holding onto your shame in those silent, secret corners of your mind than sharing it with someone else and realising that they feel exactly the same way.

As we know Buy Ambien Online Reviews, one of the key aspects is to be connected both to our own emotions and to the emotions of others. By having the courage to be vulnerable and to share our own shame-inducing experiences, we actually get to simultaneously destroy the shame in ourselves and others too.

As women we have expectations of ourselves that are so much higher than those we put on other people (if you’ve not yet seen last week’s video blog then I highly recommend checking it out now)…and when we fail to meet those expectations we experience shame.

By allowing ourselves to embrace our feminine in connecting into those feelings, sharing them with others, and connecting to their experience we have the ability to release this shame.

I spent this afternoon watching the fabulous’s Brene Brown latest talk “Listening to shame” and I encourage you to check it out here:

Overcoming shame can be scary…but you don’t have to do it alone

When I come to write a newsletter or blog post I often feel compelled to share on a particular topic because it keeps popping up in my world. This week is no different. I want to introduce you to my friend, Johanna Lyman because Johanna is finally coming out of the shame closet. 😉

She’s taken her own experiences around shame and the power of identifying being able to shift out of her own “Shame story” and is now helping other women to do the same. I thought the message that she is sharing is incredibly important so I felt compelled to share it with you here today. Here’s what she has to say:

I’ve recently made a powerful discovery. I figured out what is at the root of every single story I’ve ever told myself that has kept me from having a better relationship with my husband and growing my business the way I said I’ve always wanted to.

I’ve uncovered the powerful dynamic that kept me stuck in every area of my life, and have figured out how to finally break free of the emotional chains.

I feel completely different now that I’ve been able to shift out of my Shame Story. I feel different in my body, I relate to the people I love differently, and I even saw my business grow within hours of first making this powerful shift.

I know: it sounds too good to be true. But I promise you, it is true. And the trick is, that it’s about facing what you think is really, deeply wrong with you. This is no woo-woo, feel good, New Age mystical BS. This is about going eyeball to eyeball with your biggest fears. It’s about facing your “I’m not good enough” story and finally telling the truth. And I can promise you, it won’t feel good. It will feel GREAT to finally get out from under those awful stories!

The truth is that you ARE good enough. You are enough.

Right here, right now. You are perfect in your imperfections.

In fact, your imperfections are the cracks that let your unique light shine through. And the world needs your light.

If you would like to join Johanna for her free Decoding Shame call on Wednesday December 12th at noon PST then you can find out all the details here: Buy Ambien Online Paypal

Even better, the call will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you can catch up on it in when it’s convenient for you.

I know from seeing Johanna in action that she is what I call a “gardener of transformation”. She plants the seeds, provides the nourishment and nurturing that is required and then holds space for the transformation to burst through and blossom.

Her insight and wisdom are second to none and she has the most beautiful way of helping you to discover and honour your vulnerability in a way that is truly empowering.

She has such compassion and love for the people she works with that allows you to own and recognise elements of yourself that you previously wanted to deny or hide away from… and to turn them into your greatest strengths.

Whether you decide to sign up for the call or not, I highly encourage you to share your shame. Have the courage to step into the feminine power of emotionally connecting through vulnerability to release that shame for yourself and others.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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Buy Ambien Online UsaI’m curious, how kind are you?  Do you show kindness to others?  Family? Friends?  How about strangers?

I’m someone who tries to be as kind to others as I can be…and I’m someone who believes that the more kindness that a person puts out in the world, the more kindness that comes back.

…and while I was in the states a few weeks ago, I had a situation where I was in desperate need of some kindness…

How kind is the average person?

These days I think that people get a bit of a bad rap.  If you had to say how kind the average person is…what would your response be?  Do you think there are more people who show kindness out there than people who aren’t?  I’m not sure that people realise how many people there are who do….

But then someone comes along who shows how kind a stranger can be…

So today I want to share with you my experience…of a moment when I needed a kindness shown to me more than ever…and how it showed up in the most unexpected way…watch the video now to see more…

This is exactly the reason that I try to show kindness wherever I go…and the reason I encourage others to to….and here it is the card where I got to pay this kindness back…

Can I Buy Ambien Online

Could you be this kind?

So take a moment this week to ask yourself…could you show this sort of kindness to others in your life?  To family, to friends, even to complete strangers…and how would you feel as a result?  How much would it enrich YOUR life from being that kind?

…and if you enjoyed the story then please take a moment share it to inspire others to share kindness with others too, and see how kind you can inspire them to be!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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So…the question that everyone keeps asking me…what IS feminine?

What does being feminine look like? Well having established India Ambien Online, in order to explain what it is, let’s start with what it isn’t. There are so many misperceptions about what the word feminine actually means, and I think it’s important that we address these up front.  Over the last couple of decades, the word feminine (unless referring to the latest Ralph Lauren line) hasn’t always been seen as the most flattering description for a woman.  This summer when Susan Walsh suggested that women “try on” femininity for a short while to see how it fitted, one woman remarked that she saw being described as the most feminine member of staff at her place of work insulting as she believed that feminine = weak and that it meant that she wasn’t being taken seriously.

Does Feminine = Weak?

So let’s start with weakness.  Feminine has about as much to do with weakness as Manolo Blahnik has to do with aubergines (cue lots of emails telling me he is an aubergine addict…).  In fact, a genuinely feminine woman is incredibly strong; feminine strength just presents itself in a different way to masculine strength.  Masculine strength comes from tension and contraction whereas feminine strength comes from flow and flexibility.  A feminine woman is a force of nature.

Does Feminine = Submission?

Another common misperception is that being feminine involves being submissive and appeasing people around you (especially men).  Again, nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s about being true to yourself, finding your inner strength and self respect and being proud of who you are inside.

Does Feminine = Pink and Fluffy?

I’ve also heard several women say that being feminine is about being girly, pink and fluffy, or replicating old-fashioned domesticity.  Every time I hear femininity described in this way, it is always followed up with a comment along the lines of “but that’s not who I am”.  Femininity comes from the inside out;  it’s not something that you ‘put on’ in order to give an appearance.  The time that a woman is truly feminine is when she’s being totally authentic.

So what does Feminine look like?

Femininity can take on many forms, because it is unique to the individual woman.  For example, when I’ve asked for examples of feminine women in the public eye, three women who regularly get mentioned are Kate Middleton (the newest member of the royal family), the actress Kate Winslet and Dita Von Teese.  I’m sure you would agree that the appearance and behaviour of each of these women are very different, and yet they are all viewed as feminine women…because each of them are being completely authentic from the inside out.

Now I wouldn’t want there to be any misunderstandings, I don’t believe that there’s anything wrong with being pink, girly or fluffy, if that’s who you genuinely are…but I wouldn’t want anyone to think that the route to femininity consists of dressing daily in a pink fluffy dress! 🙂

Being feminine is about being who you authentically are inside, plain and simple.

…and as such defining it in specific terms can be a little challenging, as being feminine looks slightly different for each individual woman.

However, there are some core aspects of femininity which are common to all feminine women.  They may appear to a greater or lesser extent from person to person, but they will all appear in some shape or form.

In order to make it nice and easy for us to remember these aspects (in case we decide that we would like to focus on developing any of them), I’ve pulled them together into a simple acronym.  It couldn’t be simpler…it’s about being F.E.M.I.N.I.N.E. first.

Flow – Being feminine is all about being open, and letting things flow.  The crucial element of this flow is that it is two-way; it is about giving AND receiving in equal measure.  If you can maintain an openness in your daily life, you will naturally feel more relaxed and feminine.

Emotionally connected – Women are natural relationship builders; we use our ability to connect emotionally with ourselves and others to develop genuine bonds with the people around us.  Our ability to express vulnerability, compassion and kindness are our biggest assets when it comes to connecting at an emotional level.  Emotion is such a crucial aspect of being feminine and as love is the most positive and powerful it is the best place to start, both with yourself and with others.  Love has managed to get itself a bit of a bad rap though…we’ve all heard sayings such as “Love Hurts” and “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”.  So when we talk about love it’s not the 21st century kind with all the rules, restrictions and pain associated with it.  We are talking about natural love, the kind that you have for your mother before you even know who she is.  Unconditional love…pure and simple.

Magic – I’m not referring to Harry Potter or David Copperfield here!  This is all about re-capturing the sense of magic from our childhood.  Being playful, childlike and having fun with life!  Most importantly…don’t take yourself too seriously!  Being feminine is about remembering the wonder that life held when you were a child and bringing that joy and ability to appreciate the little things into your everyday life.

Inspiring – Unlike some of our male counterparts, feminine women don’t have any inclination to use force or pressure to affect people around us…our core strength lies in being able to inspire, motivate and positively influence anyone we come into contact with.

Nurturing – Women are at their heart nurturers…but this doesn’t mean that we all need to have children, or spend our afternoons tending flowerbeds!  Our feminine nurturing nature can be applied in any area of life…it is about supporting and helping to inspire growth in both ourselves and those around us.

Intuition – Everyone has heard of female intuition – tales of it are legendary!  But it doesn’t have to take the form of some sort of supernatural ability…intuition can simply be a blend of awareness, knowledge and experience.  At times I’m sure that we’ve all had a gut instinct about something…often that we couldn’t actually explain or rationalise…it could be that we’re connecting with some sort of “higher ability” or it could just be your subconscious is aware of things that your conscious mind hasn’t noticed.  Either way…if it serves you and steers you in the right direction, then it’s got to be a good thing!

Natural – Femininity comes from a place of complete and total authenticity.  As a feminine woman it is about getting back to who you naturally are at your core…embracing and embodying it completely.  Being feminine is owning, honouring and celebrating the real you, from the heart…and sharing it with the world.  It’s not about looking, or acting a certain way or wearing certain things…it’s about being you, through and through, inside and out, and recognising how beautiful that is.  It’s really getting in touch with who you are inside…with your ‘essence’…and allowing that to radiate out.

Energy – Energy is where the spark is added to the mix.  This is where our sense of strength, passion and real power comes from.  A feminine woman is an absolute force of nature.  She doesn’t seek out power, or to prove herself like her male counterparts…and when she’s really in her element there is absolutely no need for either.  She can feel the flow of feminine power coursing through her…and every single person she meets can feel it too.

So there, as promised, is my definition of feminine.  It’s come as a result of researching lots of different sources…as well as from my own personal experience.

…and the question now is – what’s YOUR experience of being feminine?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

Stay fabulous!

Claire x