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We’ve all been there.

Someone says to you “Have you lost weight?”, and you instantly respond “Oh no, if anything I’ve actually gained a few pounds”.

Now I’m not someone who tends to worry about my weight (as long as my clothes fit I’m happy!) but this has been my response for the last 6 months or so.

I hadn’t had the best diet in the world (especially over the last couple of months!), and I hadn’t been focusing on my exercise…so the assumption I made was that I had to have put a bit of weight on. Combine this with someone who was very close to me mentioning that I had gained some weight and this seemed like the only logical response to the “Have you lost weight?” question.

When I looked into the mirror it confirmed exactly what I expected to see. I wasn’t looking ‘bad’ at all…I just felt that I had a little extra cushioning around the edges 😉

So last week, after a bought of ill-health I decided that the best thing for me was to implement a much healthier diet and a regular routine of exercise to give my body the best chance of getting back to 100%.

As part of my preparation for this (as well as emptying any chocolate stashes from my desk drawers!) I decided to weigh myself so that I knew where I was starting from and so that I could see progress as I was going along.

Well you can imagine how astonished I was to discover that since the last time I’d weighed myself (about 7 months ago) not only had I not gained weight, I was actually 8lbs (over 3 ½ kilos if you’re metric) lighter!

I was absolutely stunned.

This was a really GREAT reminder.

How often in life do you:

  • See things as worse than they really are?
  • Listen to other people’s opinions without stopping to question whether they are actually based on fact?
  • See what you expect to see…as opposed to what’s really there?

So let my weight be a reminder to you that in any situation you want to SEE the situation clearly:

See things exactly as they are – It’s so important to see things in life as they are. Not worse than they are, not better than they are, but exactly as they are. If you want to make any changes to a situation you first need to understand where it is now, to know what (if any!) changes are the right ones. Being truly honest with yourself is the key.
Evaluate before you accept – It’s crucial that you listen to the facts and trust your own opinions first and foremost. When other people make comments to us, it’s only too easy to take them to heart and to take them as fact, when they are just someone else’s perception of a situation. Remember that they are looking at life through their own personal filters. If this happens ask yourself, “What are they basing this on?”, “Is there another way to see it?”, “What do I think?”
Eliminate your expectations – See the truth of the situation…not just what you expect to see! Our brains don’t like to make us ‘wrong’ or ‘liars’ so they have an uncanny habit of seeing what we expect to see…rather than what’s there.

The first time that you read this
this sentence you might find that
that you read what you expect to
to see not what’s really there.

The first time that most people see the above sentence (if they haven’t seen an example like this before!) they aren’t likely to notice that the words ‘this’, ‘that’ and ‘to’ are repeated…because the brain sees what it expects to see. So remember to always take a second look, remove your expectations and look for what’s really there.

As we all know, femininity is about being real.  It’s about authenticity and trusting ourselves.  To really connect with our femininity, we need to listen to and trust that little inner voice which knows the truth.

Learning that I’m actually lighter that I thought I was hasn’t put me off my healthy diet and exercise plan (my motives for that were mainly medicinal) but being able to SEE the reality clearly certainly did make me smile! 😀

So remember to SEE yourself exactly as you are, and remember to…

…Stay fabulous!

Claire x