What’s your naked truth?






Birthday Suit.

Au Naturel.

In the Buff.

Skin to the wind.

There are so many words and phrases that we have to describe being completely free of any clothing or covering.

…and as soon as the topic of nudity comes up, there are also a whole lot of other words and phrases that come immediately to people’s minds. Depending on you and your life’s experiences these words can be very different.













These are just a handful of the many and varied reactions that people can have to the thought of being naked….either in private or in public.

For some people the idea of being completely and totally naked is exhilarating.

For others they would rather die than face being naked in public.

I was somewhere in between.

If you’ve been following the recent newsletters and blog posts, you’ll know that this is a topic that has been very present for me in the last few months.

During my photo shoot with Samjhana I took the opportunity to get completely back to nature by braving the elements and posing for a full nude.

…and for me it was liberating…but on that occasion it was also quite safe.

At the time there was only myself, Samjhana and one other person on the very deserted beach on the South coast of England…and my time in full nude probably only lasted around 20 minutes or so (before my toes began turning blue from being sat in the English Channel for too long!)

…and as a good friend of mine always says, when you think you’ve had some sort of breakthrough or learned a significant lesson, then shortly after there will always come a test to see if you’ve really got it.

…and boy, did my test come.

During my time here in San Francisco there were a few things that were on my ‘must do’ list. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge (as the last time I visited, 10 years ago, I used up two rolls of film trying to get a single image of it in the dense fog that heralded my arrival (yes that was film, way before the time that I got my first digital camera!), spending time with my dear friend Christina and getting to hang out with the women from Tribal Truth (the women’s community that I’m a part of) that live in the San Francisco area were my top 3.

I’m happy to report that it has been glorious sunshine since I arrived here in San Fran…and that I actually have a crystal clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge as I’m typing this article. Number one on my list….check.

Christina and I have enjoyed spending the last couple of weeks indulging in various adventures in and around the San Francisco area….number two on my list…check.

…and the ladies from Tribal Truth proposed that we spend a day connecting and relaxing up at a local hot springs….number 3 on my list…check.

Little did I know that number 3 on my list was my test…in disguise.

So I made all the arrangements to meet the girls and a couple of days before our planned day of rest and relaxation I was finalizing a few details on the phone with one of them. I asked her what I needed to bring…towel, sun cream etc…and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “So what do I need to bring with me?”

Friend: “Well I can bring a towel for you, and we’ll have sunscreen with us and food for lunch. Apart from that there’s nothing I can think of. Oh…the girls did tell you it was clothing optional, right?”

Me: “Um…nope…that wasn’t mentioned…but I’ve done a full nude in the English Channel…I think I can handle a hot spring!”

It wasn’t until long after this conversation that I realised that the challenge for me wouldn’t be the temperature of the water…it would be the numerous people that I would be sharing the hot spring with.

You see, I’ve always been quite reserved when it comes to nudity. Don’t get me wrong, in the right time and place I’m all for it…but I’ve definitely been one to prefer being covered to uncovered when surrounded with other people.

But I’d moved past this, right?

I’d done a full nude on a beach in England, right?

This would be easy, right?


It wasn’t easy at all…but it was a revelation.

Check back next week to read the rest of my naked truth…and in the meantime I invite you to think about your own…

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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