The Feminine Way to Business Success – The Complete Collection!

As you know, recently I took part in the 30 day YouTube business challenge, where I recorded 30 (…well actually it ended up as 32!) videos showcasing hints and tips on “The Feminine Way to Business Success”.

Since the challenge ended I’ve had lots of people contact me to say that they loved the videos, but they missed one or two of them along the way, and is there somewhere that they can find all of them in the one place?

So…here we are! I’ve created a playlist with all 32 videos on “The Feminine Way to Business Success” for you to catch up and skip through in order to find any you might have missed, or that you might find particularly useful 🙂

So, which has been YOUR favourite video from the YouTube Challenge?

Also, tonight will be my first live online radio interview on “The Waking Passions” radio show, where I’ll be sharing about “Clearing your masks and finding the true feminine you”


When: Wednesday 7th March 2012 – 10PM GMT / 5PM EST / 4PM CST / 3PM MST / 2PM PST / Thursday 8th March – 9am  EDT.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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