Listen to your heart…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing with you my personal story of heartbreak, and the most important things for you to know in order to be able to deal with it.

So I can imagine that when you saw the title of today’s article that you might have thought I’d completely lost the plot.

Listen to your heartHere I am, experiencing an incredibly painful time…all down to the choices my heart has made…and yet I’m tell you that you should be listening to it?!

Don’t call the men in white coats just yet…there’s a logic here…honest, just bear with me.

I’ll admit it.

On more than one occasion my heart has got me into a bit of a pickle.

OK, let’s call a spade ‘a spade’.

At times my heart has led me to situations that have left me devastated.

In the past I’ve lost my home.

There have been occasions where it has cost me financially.

It has often hurt me emotionally.

Looking back over the recent posts has reminded me of how I’ve responded to this situation in the past.

In a desire to protect myself from further pain and hurt, the barriers went up and my loyalty to made an instant switch to (especially the breakfast and drive-time shows) although the music admittedly wasn’t as good.

The main problem was that having had ClairesHeart at the wheel of the roadster that is ClairesLife for 20-30 years…ClairesHead didn’t have the faintest clue which direction to take, or even how to drive. It ground the gears, it stalled the engine…and more often than not we just plain ended up lost.

Because, when it all comes down to it, listening to your heart is what guides you to your greatest joys.

It led me to start a business that fills me with pleasure every day.

It has guided me to more friendships and inspiring people than I could possibly list here…even if I kept typing for the next week!

It is the source of my amazing relationship with my family.

It led me to start dancing and singing…two of the things in life that light me up from the inside out.

It’s who I am.

…if I were to stop listening to my heart, I would no longer be me.

On Monday I shared a video that talked about the power of vulnerability, and in it Brene Brown shared that you can’t just numb the negative emotions.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn down the volume on your negative emotions without also turning down the volume on the positive ones.

Likewise, if you stop listening to what your heart / intuition / inner voice is telling you…you’ll miss out on the good times it will guide you to as well as the challenges.

Not only that but, if we allow it to, every challenge in life can teach us something.

It could be something big.

It could be something small.

If could be something about other people.

More importantly it could be something about yourself.

If you lose the challenges, you lose the lessons.

So…am I going to stop listening to my heart?


I know it will guide me to where I’m supposed to be…even if there might be a few stops on the way which I wouldn’t have chosen.

Looking back you can often see that without making those stops, you’d never have reached your destination.

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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  1. Heather Waring
    Heather Waring says:

    No-one ever says the journey will be easy, the journey is ongoing and it makes us strong. If we leave out the ‘heart’ and just go for ‘head’ we may be less likely to be hurt, we may protect ourselves from pain BUT we then miss out on love and all it’s possibilities, we miss out on opportunities, perhaps a lot of fun, many surprises and for me I would not feel as alive.

    The journey is about exploration and adventure, discovery and surprises. Don’t lock those out.


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