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8 replies
  1. Kim Boudreau Smith
    Buy Ambien Online Uk says:

    Claire, I am big on having my village of support around me. I have my friends, mentors and a business/life coach. It took me awhile to open up to my friends and when I did, a weeding process began of my garden of friends. It hurt at first, however,I am much stronger and have the strength from my village for my peaks and valley’s of life!


    Buy Ambien Cr Online
    • Claire
      Claire says:

      I know a lot of women will resonate with your experience Kim…often we fall into friendships through convenience, location or common interest without consciously choosing those who have similar values to our own. It can be difficult when you first become conscious of who you have around you, and even more so who you want around you, but the short term challenge is so worth the long term gain. Having people around you who accept you totally, will support you in the way you want and need and love you unconditionally is such a beautiful experience, and one I encourage every woman to seek out for herself… x

      Buy Ambien Online India
  2. Patty Farmer
    Patty Farmer says:

    I love this article! I am very blessed to have a circle of friends that have been a part of my life for over 25 years and I have always wondered why whenever anything happens in my life, good, bad or ugly instinctively I always know which one to call first that ALWAYS knows exactly the perfect thing to say or ask to put things into perspective and get me back on track or just to show up. I am going to share this with them all. Thank you for making me realize even more how blessed I am.

    Buy Ambien Online Prescription
    • Claire
      Claire says:

      You’re very welcome Patty – it’s great to have amazing friends in our lives, and it’s also wonderful to have a reminder to acknowledge them and say how grateful we are for their love and support…I love that your intuition is always guiding you to the right person at the right time for you…and delighted to know that the article has helped you to realise how blessed you are. Thank you for sharing x

      Buy Ambien Online Usa
  3. Terry Wildemann
    Can I Buy Ambien Online says:

    Loved this post! I’m lucky to have a circle of friends from childhood, the military and my business who have supported me on every level. Recently I had a challenging event and friends from each circle surrounded me with loving care that boosted me back up got me on track. It’s such a blessing to have caring friends in one’s life.

    Cheap Ambien
    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Thank you for sharing Terry – it’s at the times of challenge where you get to realise and enjoy true friendship, the kind that picks you up when your feet get a little lost. I’m thrilled to hear so many women here are as blessed as I am x

      Buy Ambien Europe
  4. Noni Boon
    Get Ambien Prescription Online says:

    Oh Claire, that’s so beautiful. I too am blessed with amazing friends and I have to admit, sometimes I stay quiet and stoic in times of struggle simply because I don’t want to burden my friends. When it all gets too much, I have a trusted counsellor however I have one amazing girlfriend who gets her ear bashed at least once a week as we ride our horses out into the bush and download our lives in minute detail. Here’s to you girlfriend.

    Get Ambien Online
    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Noni, I totally relate to what you’re saying, I used to stay quiet when things were challenging, because I didn’t want to burden my friends, but I then asked myself “How would I feel if my friend was going through a difficult time, but didn’t reach out to me because she didn’t want to burden me?” I realised I would be really upset and I would want to be able to help her out and by not telling me she was denying me that gift. At that point I realised how sharing with my friends allows them to give to me, and actually makes them feel more able to share in return when they’re having struggles. The more we reach out, the more we give others permission to do the same…and the deeper and more real our connections are as a result. My friends actually make a point of thanking me when I reach out and share with them and let them help me when I need it, and I love that they make a point of acknowledging my openness and willingness to let them in… x

      India Ambien Online

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