If you’re a masculine woman, or a woman operating from her masculine, will you attract a feminine man?

Woman operating from her masculineAs you know, there’s nothing I enjoy more than answering a question posed to me by a member of the Feminine 1st community.

So when a question gets asked completely independently by more than one member of the community within the space of 48 hours…I make it a priority to respond.

In order to answer this question let’s first go back to “Introduction to polarity” or if you’re in the US “Polarity 101”.

What will a woman operating from her masculine attract?

Masculine and Feminine energy in intimate relationships are like the North and South poles of a magnet.

Imagine that you have two bar magnets in front of you.

For this example we’ll say that masculine energy is represented by the red North Poles of the bar magnets, and feminine energy is represented by the blue south poles.

If you imagine trying to put together the two red north ends of the magnets, they’ll repel each other …the same happens when you put two strong masculine energies together in an intimate relationship for any period of time.

If you imagine trying to put together the two blue south ends of the magnets, they’ll also repel each other…the same happens when you put two strong feminine energies together in an intimate relationship for any period of time.

If however you put a red north together with a blue south, they are instantly attracted to each other. The same is true when you have a masculine and a feminine energy together, the polarity between them creates a magnetic pull, an attraction, which is where passion in an intimate relationship is created.

So if you have a strong masculine energy it will attract feminine energy, and if you have a strong feminine energy it will attract masculine energy.

Finally if you have two pieces of metal that don’t have any magnetic charge, they won’t repel each other, and they won’t attract each other, in fact they won’t have much affect on each other at all. This is also true in intimate relationships…if neither person is really in a strong masculine or feminine, then they won’t repel or attract, they’ll just co-exist without having much affect on the other.

What will this mean for a woman operating from her masculine?

Well if you are a woman who is operating mainly from her masculine (you can find the definition of masculinity here to see if you are spending a lot of time in this energy) and you are openly heterosexual you are likely to attract men who are operating mainly from their feminine.

Now, if you are a woman who genuinely at core is more masculine, and you are attracting in a man who genuinely at core is more feminine then this is great…because you are being congruent with your true self and you are attracting in your polar opposite, which will bring with it the spark of passion and attraction in your intimate relationship.

The time when this becomes a problem is if you are a woman who is operating from your masculine, when at core you are truly more feminine.

You see, if you are a woman who is more feminine at core, but for whatever reason you’ve got into the habit of operating from your masculine, the chances are you’re not incredibly happy.

The downside of being a feminine woman operating from her masculine the majority of the time

The chances are you probably spend a large amount of your life stressed, worried, trying to keep control with a feeling of tension in your body (especially in your shoulders and your stomach). The chances are that you don’t spend a lot of time relaxed, feeling able to breathe, just enjoying life, and feeling like you’re really being yourself.

Your reasons for operating from the masculine are probably either because you think you need to be masculine in order to be successful in your career, because you don’t trust a man to step up and really take on the masculine role so you can let it go, because you’re trying to protect yourself from getting hurt, or because you feel like you need to do it in order to keep control.

You may not even realise what it is that’s wrong…it’s just that something doesn’t feel quite right, in yourself and/or your intimate relationships.

Because a woman who is truly feminine at core really wants a masculine man.

But if you’re operating from your masculine, the chances are that you won’t attract one.

For a start, these days there aren’t a vast majority of men who are identified with and expressing their masculinity. They’ve lost touch with their masculine in the same way as we’ve lost touch with our feminine. Most men don’t have the confidence to own it, and themselves, and show up in a truly masculine way….a lot of them don’t even know what that looks like.

…and the thing is if you are occupying the ‘masculine space’, they may not have the confidence or the understanding of how to claim the masculine space themselves without being afraid of negatively affecting you in the process (the fact that if they did step in and claim it most women would breathe a sigh of relief and relax back into their feminine isn’t something they understand or realise!) They don’t want to have to ‘push you out’ of the space.

Most men will take the path of least resistance. If they want to occupy the masculine space in a relationship, and they meet a woman who’s already taken up residence in it, rather than fight her for it, they will just move on to a woman who’s leaving the space for them to step into.

If they are in a relationship and their woman is occupying the masculine space, most men will simply allow her do it, rather than battle for the territory…which naturally puts the man himself into a more feminine space (allowing vs claiming his territory).

So if you show up in a masculine way, whether you are looking for a new relationship, or already in one, the chances are that you will attract a feminine man, or bring out the feminine in the man you already have.

…and if you do come across a masculine man who is owning who he is and his masculinity?

For the most part, your little polarity magnets will repel each other. You may feel an inner attraction to him (because your feminine core will recognise the masculinity in him and feel that attraction), but he will be repelled by the masculinity you are projecting and you’ll never get to experience what it’s like to be with a truly masculine man.

So if you are a feminine woman at core, in order to attract a masculine man, or to encourage the masculine out in the man you are with the first step is to consciously step out of the masculine space yourself.

If you want some help and support in doing this, then pop along here to find out about a Special Offer on joining the Feminine 1st Family before our doors open up to the public on Saturday!

The fear for many women is that she is afraid that her man won’t step into that space if she steps out of it…but I’ll let you in on a secret. If you stay there, you are pretty much guaranteeing that he won’t…but if you do step out of the masculine space and then learn how to encourage, support and nurture the masculine in him, you might be surprised….

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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