18 ways to feel more feminine…

18 ways to feel more feminineFinding ways to feel more feminine

Last week I began to share 18 ways to feel more feminine, ideas to inspire you to create your own unique femininity formula.


So as promised, this week I’m sharing you the final nine to help you create the recipe that will help you feel in feminine flow.

Create your feminine recipe…

Nourish yourself – Finding ways to nourish yourself, whether that be body, mind or spirit is a great way to fill your feminine cup as it all contributes to the energy you have which is a key part of the feminine. So whether it’s drinking plenty of water to make sure you’re hydrated and feeling great, or eating food that you know will feed the cells in your body and have them bursting with energy or even just making sure that you get enough sleep, making sure that your body is well looked after will make you feel fabulous.

Take time out for you – These days us women are so busy, with our to do lists, the hats we’re juggling and the plethora of people we’re trying to please that the one thing we often forget to do is to take time for ourselves. I know a lot of women who take time every single day for themselves, whether that’s taking time to relax, read a good book, meditate, go for a walk or just to let yourself ‘be’ for a bit without worrying about ‘doing’ for a while.

Find the things that just bring out your feminine nature – There are some things that for some reason or another just make us instantly feel more feminine. For some of us it’s wearing beautiful stiletto heels, for others it’s going bare foot and feeling grounded. It could be wearing a beautiful floaty goddess-inspired dress, or it could be having some time where you’re not restricted by clothes and just get to enjoy being in your natural state. Whatever it is, see if there are some things that just make you feel feminine, for no other reason than they do.

Get Creative – As creativity is all about expressing yourself, your passions and your emotions, getting creative is a fantastic way to reconnect with your feminine. Whether it’s through writing a journal, painting, drawing, it doesn’t matter…it’s all about how you want to creatively express yourself!

Spend time with other feminine women – For a feminine woman, one of the fastest ways to reconnect with your feminine can be spending time with other feminine women. Feeling that sense of sisterhood and support, from other beautifully feminine women can connect you to your feminine in a way that nothing else can. Being able to share all of yourself, to be vulnerable and speak your truth in a safe space with women who listen with no judgment or agenda, but who only want to support you is an experience that every woman should have. I am lucky enough to have an amazing collection of women who live in countries all around the world who are there for me and love and support me any time I want or need it.

Spend time around a masculine man – One of the reasons that we have not been as well connected with our feminine is that us women have spent a lot of time over the last few years living in our masculine. Whether to help us achieve success at work, or to protect ourselves from getting hurt in intimate relationships, it’s been our go-to place. So one way to help connect you’re your feminine is to spend time around someone who is a very masculine man. Your inner feminine woman will instantly recognise that you can relax and step out of that role because he’s got it covered.

Find things that you enjoy – Being playful and having fun are fundamental parts of the feminine, so one option for your unique feminine formula is to find something that you really enjoy, something that makes you laugh, something that lights you up, something that brings a smile to your face. Because when you feel that way, it will radiate out of you without you even realising it.

Follow your intuition – We all have a little voice, a gut instinct that gives us a feeling as to which path we’re meant to follow. Learning to follow that voice and see where it leads us (which in my experience has always been to amazing places!) can instantly make you feel more feminine. It’s not called female intuition for nothing!

Connect to your passion – One of the key female traits is energy…and a lot of our energy comes from our passions. So finding a way to connect with your passion can quickly help you connect to your feminine. Whether that passion is sexual, related to your purpose in life or reason for being, or something that you just feel passionately about, find your passion and you may find yourself feeling more feminine.

Get inspired – Inspiration is another key aspect of the feminine, so feeling inspired often can help you to feel more feminine too. The beauty with inspiration is that you don’t have to be inspiring others, you can be feeling inspired by someone else! So find someone or something that inspires you, and you may find your feminine gets inspired in the process.

You and your feminine…

Remember, your femininity is exactly that…YOUR femininity.

It’s all about what works for you.

So take the ideas here and play with them.

Try them, tweak them, change them completely

…and find what lights up your feminine flame.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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  1. Mariah Free
    Mariah Free says:

    Hi Claire,
    thanks for sharing those 18 essentials. I believe the more we stay tuned with our Intuition the more we have access to the deeper knowledge. The Knowledge which guides us what is good for us and how to find balance and harmony. Trying, tuning in, seeing and feeling what works I guess…

    Mariah xx


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