2012…a year of firsts for you?

firstsI don’t know whether you remember anything about being a baby…I know that I certainly don’t (I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday!) but I guarantee that your parents do.

For the first years of your life I bet that every single thing you did for the first time was acknowledged, celebrated, and probably documented.

The first time you smiled.

The first time you rolled over.

Your first solid food.

The first time you crawled.

The first time you stood.

The first time you walked.

Your first haircut.

Your first words.

Your first tooth.

Your first day at school.

The loss of your first tooth.

The list goes on.

If you ask your parents I bet that they will remember most of these events.  Why?  Because they were significant.

So my question is…when did our firsts stop being so significant?

We still have firsts every single year…but most of them pass undocumented, uncelebrated and sometimes even unacknowledged.  🙁

I believe that our firsts are still every bit as important as when we were younger…in some cases even more so.  The older we get, the more unique our firsts become.  As our paths go off in different directions we make different choices…which lead us to different firsts.  Most people have a first tooth…not everyone has a first firewalk!  Most people have a first word…not everyone has a first day starting their own company.  Most people walk for the first time…not everyone has a first dance class.

So as our firsts become more unique, surely they become more noteworthy?

For example, in 2011 my firsts included:

  • Visiting Rimini in Italy
  • Giving Blood
  • Starting my own company
  • Visiting the Gold Coast in Australia
  • Started training for a marathon
  • Did a belly dancing class
  • Qualified as firewalking instructor

…and those are just the big ones…I’m sure there were many more smaller ones which I’ve not remembered.

So how about we bring back the celebration of the ‘first’ for 2012 by keeping a diary of firsts for the year ahead?

The idea is to keep a diary in which you record each of the firsts for the year ahead.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small, if it’s a first, it qualifies.  Every time you add a new entry into the diary, you take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the ‘first’ you are making a note of.  You can share them online, or just keep them for yourself…but take a moment to acknowledge all the little things that you are doing for the very first time.  It could be something as small as trying a new food for the first time…or as big as climbing Kilimanjaro…or anything in between!

Not only will it mean that we will get to remember, celebrate and (if you choose to) share all of the great things that we’ve never done before…but it will also encourage us to do some of the firsts that we’ve been putting off.  It’s so easy to let life get in the way of the new things that we want to do and try…but if we’re keeping track of our firsts…then maybe we’ll make time for them!  We might actually look into the places we could do that dance class…or book an hour to go an have a manicure for the first time in a salon…or finally book that trip to the place we’ve always wanted to visit…

So my suggestion is to aim to have at least one significant ‘first’ every month in 2012.  So that when you come to review 2012 this time next year you’ll have a whole lot of fantastic memories to look back on and celebrate!

Just think of the fun you could have coming up with new firsts to try…the things you could share in next year’s Christmas cards…the people you could surprise along the way…including yourself! 😀

Make it a game…have some fun with it…maybe you could do it with a friend…maybe you could do it with your partner…maybe you could do it just for yourself.

You could visit a new place for the first time, try a new type of food, learn a dance, do karaoke for the first time, start training for a marathon, learn to juggle, conquer a fear, learn a language…the list is endless!

Stay Fabulous…and make 2012 even more fabulous than 2011!

Claire x


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