Would you like to know a secret that EVERY woman should know…?

Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stA few weeks ago I had a conversation with a very dear girlfriend of mine that really upset me, until I realised the problem…she didn’t know the secret.

It’s not big, or complicated…but it is true for every single woman on the planet.

Do you know the secret?

I meet women every week who are frustrated, stressed or downright fed up…all because they don’t know the secret.

…and then it occurred to me…maybe YOU don’t know the secret either.

So what is the secret?

So today I want to share the secret with you…and ask you to share it with as many women as possible.  When you watch the video, you’ll understand why…

The thing with this secret is that while most of us know it, we tend to forget it (or even worse ignore it)….continuing to set expectations of ourselves that would leave even Wonder Woman calling for a ‘time out’.

So take a moment today to check-in…are you expecting too much of yourself?  Are you trying to be perfectly perfect, instead of perfectly imperfect?  Are you putting demands on yourself that you wouldn’t dream of putting on anyone else?  Are you trying to please everyone else, to the detriment of yourself?

Remember the secret…

If the answer is yes (to any of the above questions), then just remind yourself of the secret.

Having high standards is great…just remember that being kind to yourself is equally important too.

…and please take a moment share the secret with at least three women who you know that could use a little reminder too.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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  1. Beverley Jones
    Beverley Jones says:

    Great reminder Claire – it is often the case that we are so busy looking after others, thinking we are superwoman, setting ourselves goals that we forget to just be!

    ps – Loved the roses too x


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