Are men and women really the same deep down inside?

Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stIt has not been a great week at this end.  Unfortunately my whole family has managed to get a very nasty virus that has taken us all out of commission for several days.  So I was wondering this morning how I was going to get this week’s video done to share with you.

Since I’ve started doing these weekly videos the feedback has been great…in fact the one comment that I get on a regular basis is “Can you please do more videos?!”  So I listened…and last week I finished up in the studio completing my first video course, which I’m really excited to share with you.

So this week as I’m listening to my body (which is telling me that rest, and lots of it, is what I need right now) I thought that it would be nice to share with you a teeny tiny glimpse of the video course so that you still get your weekly dose of Feminine 1st video fabulousness.

So this week I wanted to share with you the answer to a very simple question.  Deep down inside, are men and women really the same?

Watch the video to find out the answer…

As always I’d love to find out what your thoughts are on this…so please leave me a comment below or get in touch with me via Facebook or Twitter.

There are some exciting things coming in the next few weeks that I can’t wait to share with you…so I guess the virus is my body’s way of ensuring that I’m well rested for them!

Wishing you an amazing week,

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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