Are you flexible?

Claire Brummell, Feminine 1st, Are you flexibleAre you flexible?

Let’s be honest.  Sometimes you can set all the intentions in the world, but life just gets in the way.

The weather changes, other people throw in an unexpected curve ball, situations occur…it becomes very obvious that your original plans are going to be subject to change.

Would you call yourself flexible?

When these things happen we tend to have one of three choices.  We can try (inspite of the obvious indications that a change is in order) to stubbornly continue with our plans.  We can stomp our feet and shake our fists and generally throw our toys out of the pram…begrudgingly taking and alternative route.  Or we can take it as an opportunity…a doorway to possibility…and allow ourselves to bend and change with the new circumstances.

How flexible was I?

So on my last day on my previous trip to California, this is exactly what happened to me.  Plans were set, arrangements were made…and all of a sudden things seemed like they needed to change. So which choice did I take?  Watch the video now to see how…

…if I hadn’t been flexible I would have missed out on so much (and got very wet in the process!)

Could you be more flexible?

So take a moment this week to think about how flexible you are.  Could you be more flexible?  Could you see a change as an opportunity for something new that you hadn’t previously planned on?  …and what would this do for you, in your personal life, with your family, friends and even your work life if you tried this new approach?

As we all know, femininity is about being in flow…and flexibility is a big part of this. So give it a go…try a new way of looking at a change of plans…and try the flexible approach, you never know what you might find instead!

…and if you enjoyed the story then please take a moment share it to inspire others to remember to stay flexible too!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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