Are you struggling to find a masculine man or feminine woman?

Judging masculine man and feminine woman, Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stWhen we first start to learn about the masculine and feminine, we look for it everywhere.

We want to know if we’re in our feminine, or in our masculine, are we wearing a masculine mask, or a feminine mask, or a feminine mask on top of a masculine mask.

It opens up this whole new world for us…and we start to look for it in both ourselves and the people around us…friends, family, strangers…we want to see whether they are in touch with their masculine or feminine.

Are they masculine or feminine?

We get particularly interested in working out whether the people around us are ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’…looking for the traits and the behaviours that we’re learning all about.

One place that this always shows up is within our intimate partnerships.  We look at our girlfriend or boyfriend and try to determine which they are…and if we’re single, then every new potential person that we meet is met with a barrage of internal questions “Are they masculine?  Are they Feminine?  Can they tell when I’m being masculine, or feminine?  Are they masculine or feminine enough for me?”

Everywhere I go, I get asked the same questions by men and women alike…

Where can I find a masculine man, or a feminine woman?

When we start to understand about the masculine and feminine, and especially about polarity (and how important it is in relationships to keep the spark of attraction and passion alive) we start to realise that we would quite like to be with someone who brings the opposite energy to the table.

So if you’re single you’re on the lookout for someone who is ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ (as well as a plethora of other items on your ‘ideal mate’ checklist).

The challenge that men and women both seem to have is that they are struggling to find people who are in that opposite energy…so today I want to share with you a little shift in perspective that might just be the difference in being able to see that they are actually all around you…you just might not be able to see it.  Watch the video now to find out where the masculine men and feminine women are hiding…

So are there really masculine men and feminine women all around us?

Yes!  The answer is simply yes.  They are everywhere.  The majority of men on the planet are masculine at core, and the majority of women are feminine at core…so the odds are that you’re surrounded by them!

But because they may have masks of their own, because of their experiences, because they don’t know much about masculine and feminine or they’ve just not met the person with whom they feel comfortable showing their whole self to…you may be writing them off before you’ve been able to see it.

More importantly, next week I will be sharing with you a little secret on how you show up can dramatically affect how THEY show up.  So please come and join me next week to find out how you can help them to show you more of what’s hidden deep inside.

I know that this is a big issue for a lot of people who are struggling to find their feminine woman or masculine man, so I would like to ask you to please share this with three friends who you think could benefit from hearing about this…and I look forward to sharing how to bring more of the masculine out in your man and the feminine out in your woman next week. 

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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