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8 replies
  1. Catrice
    Buy Ambien Cr Online says:

    Claire, thanks for your blog post and I’m delighted you courageously responded to the question submitted. Generally I totally agree that femininity has no defining characteristics however I do know and believe that there are some deeply rooted, underlying, invisible systems and structures in place that don’t necessarily make it “easy” for black women to “be feminine.” I understand that being feminine is something that radiates from within yet I also know that the “way femininity” is defined and depicted today, it’s much more difficult for many (not all) black women to allow themselves to to simply be the innate feminine souls they are and with good reason. This is a great dialogue starter and I encourage any woman reading this to also understand the reality of powerful invisible sources that cast shadow over the very light we as “black” women strive to shine. This is a great conversation yet it is indeed only the tip of the iceberg. How do I know? Because I am a black woman and this is definitely not my first deep conversation around issues of race and color. I have many more thoughts about this yet I just came by to say bravo for opening up the can of worms… it’s open now! Let’s see what comes out! Thanks for your blog post.

    Buy Ambien Online India
    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Thank you Catrice, both for your acknowledgement, and for your thoughts and insights…you make some very important points. Indeed the can is now open and I look forward to what lies ahead of us… x

      Buy Ambien Online Usa
  2. Stacie Walker
    Can I Buy Ambien Online says:

    Hi Claire,

    Here is my little “2 cents.”

    Women are women, no matter the ethnic roots inherited by their parents.

    You said it best “Yes, there are a lot of black women who display very masculine traits…but there are women from every culture around the world who do that too. White women, Asian women, Antipodean Women…I see it everywhere I go, in every country I have visited.”

    Once we stop focusing on the differences of the color of our skin, then more of us can get a better understanding of the word “feminine” and how it personally applies to us as an individual.

    Obviously, you don’t have to be a part of a certain ethnic group to understand this.

    Thanks for an excellent post that digs a little deeper on what femininity mean for women.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership

    Cheap Ambien
  3. Kim Boudreau Smith
    Get Ambien Prescription Online says:

    You certainly opened a can of worms. I agree, women are women from all race, culture and walks of life. I personally really look at the individual and their actions as oppose of race. It doesn’t matter to me how a woman acts, masculine, feminine, it is all up to her and her visual of herself! Quite frankly, I feel women have abandoned what being a woman is truly about!

    Get Ambien Online

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