Happy Birthday

A celebration, a gift for you, and a confession (and apology) from me…

Happy BirthdayI am SO excited…because this week we have a TRIPLE celebration here at Feminine 1st.  It is Feminine 1st’s second birthday, this week was our 100th newsletter AND  we welcomed our 1,000th member to the Family.

So this is a VERY special newsletter, where I will be sharing some VERY special gifts with you.

Rather than sharing my usual article with you, today I’m going to share with you the best and most popular articles from the last two years.  These are the articles that fit into one of the following categories:

  • The most requested articles
  • The articles that got the biggest response from you
  • The pieces that have been labeled by some of you as our ‘Must-read’s
  • …and my personal favourites!

As we all know, us women have many many different facets to us, and the Feminine 1st website was created to be able to speak to and support women in all of the different areas of our lives.
So the articles I’m sharing below cover the full range of the aspects of a woman’s life that we cover on the Feminine 1st website.

BUT before I share our “Best of the best” articles, I have a confession to make.

As you may remember from last week’s newsletter, last weekend I was speaking on stage at a very special event here in London, the Time to Shine Conference.

It was a wonderful event, the feedback from my talk was amazing and I met some incredible people.

But when I got back home on Monday, I had a very uneasy feeling in my stomach.

I had a problem.

I had been contacted by a lot of people who wanted to be at the event, but for logistical reasons couldn’t be there…and they didn’t want to miss out on seeing my talk.

Moral DilemmaAlso, at the event I shared an incredible special offer, sharing something I have NEVER offered before, and intended to never offer again, which gave me a bit of a moral dilemma. 

The feedback about the offer was great.  People loved the fact that it was accessible and affordable, and they said how refreshing it was not to be expected to pay thousands of pounds to begin working with someone and get to know if they are the right person to be working with.

But when I got home on Monday morning I realised something.

Out of the 1000+ members that I have on my website, the vast majority of you do not live in London…or even in the UK.  The majority of you actually live thousands of miles away…so as much as you might have wanted to join us at the conference (and I’ve had many messages saying how much people wished they could attend, but couldn’t get there)…it wouldn’t have been possible.

I also realised that I didn’t want to penalise you for not being able to attend the conference here in London…and I wanted to be able to thank you for your loyalty in becoming a Feminine 1st follower from wherever you are in the world.

I wanted to be able to share with you the fantastic content I gave at the Time to Shine conference and extend the offer I made there to you as well…

That put me in a very difficult position…because authenticity and congruency are two of my most important values…I don’t say something if I don’t mean it.

…and I’d said I wasn’t planning on making this offer again outside of the conference.

So I sat and stewed on it for a while, wondering what to do for the best.

…and I finally came to a decision.

I needed to be congruent, so as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t offer the exact same deal that I did at the weekend.

GiftBut I also wanted to be able to give you an amazing offer to say thank you for your loyalty as a Feminine 1st supporter.

So I have changed the offer slightly from the weekend…but still managed to create amazing value for you as a thank you for being here on this journey with me.

So for the next week only I am offering for you to watch the talk I gave at the Time to Shine Conference by clicking here AND on that page there is a very special Happy Birthday Feminine 1st offer created just for you…the likes of which you have never seen from me before.

…AND even if you’re not interested in the special Happy Birthday offer, you can see my talk on “Relationships are the Key to Shining in Life” by clicking this link now and watching the video.

Feminine 1st…our very best articles…so far…!

Where it all began: Femininity – So what’s in it for me?

So what’s so important about Femininity? Why should we care? We’ve been proving to everyone out there, men and women alike, that we can do anything and everything that the boys can do (often quicker and better!) for decades now…so what’s the big deal? I mean, we’ve still got our heels and handbags, and that’s what matters….right? So who cares if we’ve lost a bit of our femininity along the way?

Well, the answer is (unfortunately)…we do. We just don’t necessarily realise it.…READ MORE

Femininity: The $64,000 Question…What IS Femininity?

Well having established why femininity is important, in order to explain what it is, let’s start with what it isn’t, there are so many misperceptions about what the word femininity actually means, and I think it’s important that we address these up front.  Over the last couple of decades, the word feminine (unless referring to the latest Ralph Lauren line) hasn’t always been seen as the most flattering description for a woman.  This summer when Susan Walsh suggested that women “try on” femininity for a short while to see how it fitted, one woman remarked that she saw being described as the most feminine member of staff at her place of work insulting as she believed that feminine = weak and that it meant that she wasn’t being taken seriously.…READ MORE

How to be more feminine: Would you like to know how to be more feminine?

Quite some time ago I wrote an article defining feminine and femininity…but defining it and knowing how to be more feminine are two very different things.
One of the first questions that a lot of women ask me is quite simply, “How can I be more feminine?”.  One of the challenges with answering this question is that it assumes (in asking) that you aren’t already feminine enough.  So my first response if you’re asking this question is, “Why do you want to learn how to be more feminine?”.…READ MORE

Masculinity: What is masculinity?

Having shared my definition of Femininity some time ago…I thought it was about time I also shared my definition of Masculinity.
So which is better, masculinity or femininity? The important thing to point out when talking about masculinity and femininity is that neither one is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other – they’re just different. Polar opposites. Yin and Yang.
Trying to determine which is better is like asking which are better, Manolos or Choos…neither is any better or worse than the other…just different 
The other thing to remember is that every single one of us has both masculinity and femininity inside us. At our core we will feel more comfortable with one of these energies than the other, but they are both there, and they are both helpful to us in different situations.
I’m often asked where the name ‘Feminine 1st’ came from and what it means. It is simply a reminder for women who are more naturally feminine to be “Feminine 1st” and then to utilise the masculine traits that they have as and when it is appropriate for them..…READ MORE

Relationships: Have you ever had a 69?

I’m imagining that when you first saw the title of today’s post, you probably did a bit of a double take. I can imagine you saying to yourself “I didn’t know Feminine 1st was THAT kind of site!”
So it’s a controversial title…and for good reason.
You see, today’s post is essential reading for anyone…whether you’re feminine, masculine, male, female, old young…it doesn’t matter……READ MORE

Body Image: Do you recognise your own beauty? I didn’t…

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? When you see photographs of yourself, what do you notice? Do you see yourself as you are? Or do you see what you believe is there?
The reason that I’m asking this is that for many many years I didn’t see what was there. I saw what I thought was there.
You see, when I was much younger I got some very fixed ideas about my appearance……READ MORE

Life as a Woman: No thanks, I’m fine.

How many times a day / week / month do you say this sentence, or a variation of it?
It’s ok.
I’m fine.
I’ll manage.
It’ll be alright.
We spend our lives telling everyone else that we don’t need any help, assistance, guidance or support.
Often, when someone offers to help, the words of dismissal leave our lips almost before the suggestion has been made in full..…READ MORE

Emotions: How to deal with Heartbreak…

A question that I get asked on a regular basis is “How do I deal with a broken heart and still stay in my feminine?”
As we know, being feminine is about being open and embracing the ability to be vulnerable. So I’m going to be completely open about my current personal situation…
As you may or may not know, unfortunately I have recently experienced heartbreak first-hand.
I won’t go into details, except to say that a few weeks ago my partner took the decision to leave. …leaving me to deal with a broken heart..…READ MORE

Friendship: How do you find the women who will become your soul sisters?

So last week I shared an article about the importance of sisterhood for women like us, and how to understand the difference between acquaintances, friendship and sisterhood. Understanding the importance, value and power of these kinds of relationships with other women is something that has dramatically changed my life.
But understanding that you want these kinds of relationships with other women doesn’t mean that they’re magically going to appear. Or…does it?.…READ MORE

Business / Work: Can feminine women ‘bring home the bacon’?

I love that my readers inspire me so much.
Today’s post is written in direct response to a message that I was sent in the last couple of weeks from someone who is a single mum. Being a single mum, she is struggling a bit with the concept of femininity, especially in relation to being the sole breadwinner in her household.
Now, the single mum topic is a whole separate conversation (and one that I will talk about another day)…but the question of whether it is possible for a feminine woman to also be a breadwinner is one which comes up quite regularly….…READ MORE

So all that remains for me to say is THANK YOU. 

Thank you for being a part of the Feminine 1st journey, thank you for all the support I’ve received over the last 2 years, thank you for being here for our 100th newsletter. It means more to me than I can possibly express.

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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