Did you ever have a ‘wrong’ turn, that turned out to be the right one? I did…

BelieveSo last week I shared with you an interesting story about listening to your intuition, and following the breadcrumbs that your instincts guide you to…to see where it leads.

The story of they key had such a powerful affect on me, that I still tell it on a regular basis to highlight (with a very simple example) what can happen when we listen to our inner voice.

I also shared with you how the key to making the most of your intuition is trust.  Trusting yourself, trusting your inner voice, trusting that it is guiding you in the right direction, even if it’s not the direction that you expected it to be.

I had another experience around the same time as the one with the key that really taught me a big lesson about trusting my intuition and how even when it feels like it’s guiding you in the ‘wrong’ direction, it could actually be leading you to precisely where you need to be.

Several years ago I was on my way to a salsa club in the North of England with the guy that I was dating at the time.  I’d never been to this club before and he’d been once a very long time before.

Neither of us knew where we were going.

So we managed to get ourselves to the general area of the club with no trouble…but we were having a little difficulty working out the last little bit of our journey….that is, the bit which involved actually finding the club.

So we drive up to this roundabout and I get a very strong instinct that we need to drive straight ahead…and just as I’m about to say so, the guy I was with says “Oh I recognise this now, I’m sure the club is over there to the left”.

So we turn to the left and there ahead of us is the club that we are looking for.

I immediately think to myself “Well there you go…your intuition can’t be that good, it was sending you in the wrong direction”.

I don’t really give it much further thought, and we head into the club.

When we arrive, the club is awesome.  It’s full of people, the dance floor is packed, and they’re playing some great music.

Without hesitating I change into my dance shoes, grab my dance partner and head to the floor.

I’m having a great time twirling around, enjoying the music when all of a sudden I’m stopped in my tracks.

A woman who was dancing behind me misjudged how close I was to her, and stepped backwards with her full weight going through the stiletto heel directly onto the top of my foot.

Now, being a seasoned salsa dancer, I’m used to injuries on the dancefloor.

I’ve had elbows to the head, the odd rogue foot that’s made contact with my legs and minor collisions with surrounding couples.

I’ve always been very good at just shaking it off and dancing through it.  My immediate response is usually “I’ve had worse! Let’s just keep dancing”…and this was my response this time too.

Except on this occasion it became very quickly apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to ‘just keep dancing’.

After a feeble attempt to carry on, I had to admit defeat and go and survey the damage.

By the time I sat down, the swelling had already begun to show and it was clear that something wasn’t quite right.

I couldn’t walk, much less dance, and after a medical check up I was told that the top of my foot was fractured.  There wasn’t much that they could do for it, just ice, rest and wait for it to heal.

I wasn’t going to be dancing for a while.

Later, when we got back home, I remembered the moment at the roundabout.

I realised that if I’d followed my instincts and had driven straight on at the roundabout, I would never have been at that spot on the dance floor at that moment in time and I wouldn’t have received my nasty fracture.

Interestingly, if I had followed my intuition and drive straight on, when we finally worked out where the club was I would have thought that my intuition had been ‘Wrong’….that it would have sent me in the wrong direction.

The big lesson for me in all of this was that sometimes what appears to be a wrong turn, can actually be the perfect one for us at the time.

…and just because we’re not going the way we expected or wanted to go, doesn’t mean that we’re not going the way that serves us best.

You see, when it comes to intuition you need to believe.

Believe in yourself, believe in your intuition, believe that everything is happening for a reason…and that it will all work out perfectly in the end and above all believe that anything is possible.

So this week I’d like to invite you to think about any ‘wrong’ turns you’ve taken on your journey so far and see how they might have served you…without you even realizing it.  Have some fun with it! 🙂

…and next week I’ll be sharing with you an amazing story from my time here in San Diego about what can happen when a powerful intention is mixed with a strong belief….it’s a magical combination!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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