Do you know when to follow your intuition and tell your head to butt out?

Do you know when to follow your intuition and tell your head to butt out? Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stI’m sure that, like me, you’re a pretty smart cookie most of the time.

I love my brain.  It’s a helpful way to fill the space between my ears, comes in handy when I’m puzzling over a sudoku and is my secret weapon to place when it comes to organisation.

It’s also a pain in the @ss at times.

I know it’s only trying to help, but boy can it get in the way.

Let’s think about this.

Let’s over analyse that.

Let’s consider the other.

Quite frankly there are times that I’m over it.

At these times I mentally dictate a memo along the following lines:

Dear Brain,

Thanks for sharing.

Now go sit in the corner and have a cup of tea while I let intuition take the reigns.


Claire x

Does intuition get the reigns often enough in your house?

Last week I had a perfect example of this.

I had a friend who I’d known for about, um, four and a half days (I’m sure the half is important to the story) who sent me a message saying that she was going with another couple of friends for a day trip down to Stonehenge and Glastonbury.  They were going to hire a car to go down, and asked if (1) I wanted to come and (2) if I wanted to drive.

I went with my intuition in the moment and said yes.

Does your initial intuition get overruled by your head?

So I said yes.

Then I began to do my research.

That’s when my brain started knocking at the door and saying “Are you sure you don’t want my input?”

Well OK then brain, let me know what you think.

I start to realise that the journey is probably going to be between 7 and 8 hours of driving, which is probably double what I would want to do in a single day.

We will need to leave very early, and do the M25 in rush hour, and because we needed to be back by 6pm as our friends had dinner plans, we would be doing rush hour in the other direction too.

…and for all this we would probably have about 3 hours at Glastonbury.

Oh, and did I mention that the day beforehand we had heavy snow?

Commitment already made, analysis goes into overdrive.

After a short while of stressing about the various different challenges in this plan (and after a little assistance from a special someone), I remembered that my intuition had told me to go.

It was my head that was arguing with it.

Based on prior experience, which was the more reliable source?

I’ll give you two guesses…it’s not the one that starts with ‘h’ and ends in ‘ead’.

So I decided to breathe, trust that it was all going to work out as it was supposed to, and just enjoy the day.

I chose to go with the flow, to be in flow, to let my feminine intuition guide me and put the masculine logic to bed.

…and this is what happened, shared from the top of a very windy tor! (apologies for the dips in sound)…

So will you go with the flow and follow your intuition?

I had such an amazing day, and even the moments that I could have got frustrated by I found a way to enjoy.

When we were sitting for hours in traffic we got even more time to chat and connect as a group, and when everyone had a nap on the way home I got to have some time with my thoughts to reflect on the day.

If I’d listened to my head I’d have missed out on a beautiful day that left me feeling really filled up, very happy and was just what my inner woman needed.

So I invite you to follow your intuition and learn when to send your brain a memo saying “Thanks for sharing, now go and have a cup of tea in the corner, and let intuition handle this one!”

I can’t wait to speak to you again soon, and in the meantime remember to stay fabulous!

Claire x

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