Do you realise how much emasculating men is costing you?

Do you realise how much emasculating men is costing you? Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stToday I want to share with you something that has personally changed my life.

Something that is important for every single woman on the planet to understand.

There is a disease that has been spreading for some time now, and it’s affecting men, women and children everywhere around the world.

What is this disease?


But I’m not emasculating men…

The problem with this disease is that it’s largely being spread completely unnoticed.

We don’t realise that we’re doing it.

We don’t realise why we’re doing it.

We don’t see the impact.

But little by little it is affecting the men in our lives.

How they see us.

How we see them.

How we see ourselves.

…and it is destroying our relationships.

Am I really emasculating men?  …and if I am, does it really matter?

The answer to the first question is more than likely Yes.

But it’s become so prevalent in our society these days that we don’t even notice it.

A little joke here, a put down there.

But it doesn’t really matter does it?

Does it?

Today I share the answer with you…and you might be shocked by what I have to say…

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Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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