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3 replies
  1. Pablo Rs
    Buy Ambien Online Uk says:

    From a man’s perspective… this is so absolutely true, you can sense the difference in energy. For me, true femininity, when I can see it, it’s openness, it’s feeling freely, it’s pure, it’s love. It literally juices me, it gives me energy, almost forces me to step up and want to pursue and protect that (or do other nasty things 😉 ).
    The difference was made so clear in this last Date with Destiny 2012, I’m sure you’ll recall when the girls went on stage to dance – it was so obvious to see that many of them were “TRYING” to be femenine – “even the hot ones” – but in reality you could sense significance, like they’re trying to achieve something, to “show up sexy” or do something, but it’s constricted, manly. Yet the black woman in purple was being in my perspective the most feminine – she was not trying to feel significant or achieve something, she was loose, she was feeling it, in a way motherly, nurturing, but also vulnerable and free.
    There’s a big difference, and how many earrings you put on or how hot you look or your make up won’t change that. A hot woman who is trying to be significant is almost seen as an enemy. The true femenine energy, vulnerability, is so much more powerful.
    Thanks for the reminder Claire, good stuff.. found you via the DWD Group 2012
    BTW damn.. you definitely are femenine… we’ll leave it at that

    Buy Ambien Cr Online
    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Pablo, I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve shared..and it’s always reassuring for the women who visit this site to see the perspective of men as well! I hope that you share more of your thoughts on other posts of interest.

      …and thank you for your kind words…they are much appreciated x

      Buy Ambien Online India

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