Today’s Fabulous Friday Female is Cate Mackenzie!

Feminine 1st Fabulous Friday Female CateToday’s Fabulous Friday Female is the lovely Cate Mackenzie.

As I mentioned when I started doing the Fabulous Friday Female, this project is a group effort and I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate not just the women who inspire me, but also those who inspire YOU.

So a huge thanks goes out to Katie Rose who stepped forward and asked me to feature Cate as one of our Fabulous Friday Females.

Here’s what Katie had to say about Cate:

Who is your Fabulous Friday Female?

My Fabulous Friday Female is Cate Mackenzie

Why is she a Fabulous Friday Female to YOU?

Cate is my Fabulous Friday Female because she emanates, radiates and embodies love completely.  She is an incredibly talented artist, Love Coach, workshop leader and all round creative woman.  Everything she does just oozes love.  She is highly trained and is always seeking out new ways to work with people which enables them to really be who they are in life.  She brings a rich intelligence and perceptiveness to her work, with insightful intuition and graceful sharing. Cate shares her creativity generously and in service to others – as an artist she has created beautiful heart paintings and as a performer and facilitator creates magical experiences full of humour, depth and creativity. Cate has a wonderful resonant, soft, soothing voice – she has worked as a voice over artist and has created a wonderful heart healing meditation CD which is deeply nourishing and relaxing. Cate is a truly fabulous female, who truly celebrates her femininity and brings love and beauty wherever she goes. I love being part of Cate’s wonderful Love Fairy ensemble – she invites everyone to dance with us in an uplifting, affirmative celebration of love – magic always happens! Cate reminds us that we can live our dreams and open our hearts to life.

Cate lives and works in London, UK where she has a Love Coaching practice – she also takes her magic to festivals across the UK and to retreat centres like Skyros. She has been invited to share her wisdom on TV and in the press. You can find her at

So please join me today in acknowledging and celebrating the lovely Cate and the work that she does!


As you know, I would love to acknowledge, honour and celebrate the women who have inspired you as well. So if there is someone that you believe should feature as a Fabulous Friday Female, then send me an email ( with 3 simple details:

  • Who is your Fabulous Friday Female? (Her name and location in the world)
  • Why is she a Fabulous Friday Female to YOU? (How do you know her? What does she do? In what way is she inspiring?)
  • A photo or link to a picture of her online (if there is a reason that you would prefer not to include a photo, just let me know)

So help me to share with all of our lovely ladies the real women who inspire YOU.

…and remember, as always, to Stay Fabulous too!

Claire x

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