Today’s Fabulous Friday Female – two for the price of one! Helen Glover and Heather Stanning!

Helen Glover and Heather StanningThis week’s Fabulous Friday Female indicates two firsts for the history books…it is the first time ever that two women have been recognised as Fabulous Friday Females in the same week…celebrating the first time British women have ever won and Olympic Gold for rowing!

At 12.24pm on the fifth day of the London Olympics, the National Anthem struck up, the packed stands sang lustily and tears rolled down relieved faces. Two girls in a boat had delivered Britain’s first gold medal of these Games.

Heather Stanning, a Royal Artillery captain, and Helen Glover, a PE teacher, had just achieved Britain’s first Gold of the London 2012 Olympics.

They won the women’s pair final by about a length from Australia. Glover punched the air and fell into Stanning’s arms. They hugged. They had made history out there by becoming the first British women to win an Olympic rowing gold medal. At the medal ceremony, Glover was damp-eyed, half  looking up at the flag, half looking away to compose herself.

Stanning, whose lips did not tremble, said: ‘I am just really shattered and absolutely ecstatic all at the same time. I just want to jump around. I could hear Helen beside me saying, “Go on, keep going. They’re just behind us”.’

It was a remarkable story of ambition that got them to Wednesday’s success. Neither started out in  rowing as a child but through talent identification programmes within the last few years. They paired up just three years ago.

Back then they were just spares for the eight but were so determined to prove themselves that they ran up hills, cycled, lifted weights in the gym and clocked up the miles on the lake to turn themselves into stars.

So I would like for you to join me today in acknowledging and celebrating Helen and Heather for their amazing achievement!  Congratulations ladies! xx


As you know, I would love to acknowledge, honour and celebrate the women who have inspired you as well. So if there is someone that you believe should feature as a Fabulous Friday Female, then send me an email ( with 3 simple details:

  • Who is your Fabulous Friday Female? (Her name and location in the world)
  • Why is she a Fabulous Friday Female to YOU? (How do you know her? What does she do? In what way is she inspiring?)
  • A photo or link to a picture of her online (if there is a reason that you would prefer not to include a photo, just let me know)

So help me to share with all of our lovely ladies the real women who inspire YOU.

…and remember, as always, to Stay Fabulous too!

Claire x

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