Have you learned the power of surrender?

Claire Brummell, Feminine 1st, SurrenderWe all have those days when we just want to hold our hands up in surrender…

It might be that you’ve not been feeling 100%, that you’re overwhelmed with the amount to do or you just feel like you need a break.

So why is it that surrender feels like a bad thing?

The challenge that we have is that in our culture, surrender has such negative connotations.

Surrender = weakness.

Surrender = giving up.

Surrender = losing.

Which means that generally speaking, we find it hard to allow ourselves to surrender, because we don’t want to be seen in these ways.

What does surrender really mean…?

In reality, surrender doesn’t have to mean any of these things…surrender is nothing more than letting go of control.  …and as a result it’s actually a very feminine trait.  I know, as much as anyone, how easy it is to slip into the ‘want to be in control’, ‘want it all to be perfect’ space…but then there are times like this week where my energy is low and as counter intuitive as it feels, the best thing that I’ve learned to do in those moments is to surrender.  This week is a perfect example…Watch the video now to find out more about why I needed to surrender this week, and how surrender can work for you…

So, have you learned the power of surrender?

When you first begin doing it, surrender can be challenging…but it’s so worth it.  You get to stay feeling wonderfully feminine (even when you’re not feeling your best)…AND normally things work out for the best as well..it’s win-win.  So I really encourage you to find some way this week that you can practice the art of surrender…and to please share this video with any other women who might benefit from giving it a go…

…and I look forward to hearing how surrender has worked for you…

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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