How 20 13 went from my worst nightmare to my power year…before it even began…!

Number 13 TattooNot many people know this about me…but I used to have a little challenge with the number 13.

…OK I had quite a big challenge with the number 13.

….if I’m honest, I had borderline Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13).

So what was the problem with the number 13?

I’d always generally kept my distance from the number 13, something about it gave me the heebie geebies, but I then had a couple of unfortunate experiences that led me to avoid it altogether.

The worst was probably during my trip around the world when I left university. I’d decided that I wanted to explore, and decided to join a couple of friends on their travelling adventures.

They had booked their trip much further in advance than me, so when I was trying to book the flights in order to join them there was one flight that was completely and totally full.

There were no available flights on the same day or even a day either side. It turned out that I would need to fly out 2 days earlier in order to get from Fiji to Hawaii.

So I booked my flights and thought nothing more about it…until the day of my solo flight.

All seemed to be going perfectly. My friends had left the island I was staying on a day earlier and I had planned to spend the day topping up my tan on the beach before heading to the airport in the evening to catch my flight to Oahu.

The day was beautiful. I went for a walk along the coastline, read my book from the comfort of a hammock hung between a couple of palm trees, and caught some rays while chilling out on the beach.

I was having a great time.

But it hadn’t occurred to me that it was Friday the 13th…

Just as I was getting ready to leave for my flight, the sky got darker, the clouds rolled in and the next thing I knew my tropical paradise was smack bang in the middle of a tropical storm.

I’d never seen weather like it.

The wind was so intense that the rain appeared to be moving horizontally. I got so wet on the way to the boat that when I accidentally stepped in the sea as I climbed aboard I didn’t even notice.

The island was too small for the catamaran that ferried people between the islands to dock with so we were taken out on a little fishing boat to meet it. The storm was so bad that the catamaran couldn’t even find the island…let alone our little boat.

When we finally got picked up my backpack nearly got dropped in the ocean as it was passed between the boats….and because the intensity of the rain when I reached the airport they tried to charge me excess baggage as my luggage had taken on so much water.

Most of the mementos that I’d picked up so far got ruined with water damage…and I had to sit for 90 minutes in an airport bathroom trying to dry a single outfit under a tiny hand drier so that I had something dry to wear on the plane.

The day had felt like a total disaster…but I flew out of Fiji at 11pm, happy to leave Friday the 13th behind me….

…and crossed the international date line, arriving 8am Friday the 13th in Hawaii…!

My first day on the big island wasn’t quite so bad, but had its fair share of disasters too…and so my issue with the number 13 increased.

My turning point with the number 13

Then a few years later, when working for a TV company in London, I was invited onto the set of a show that was shot in London, based at a tattoo studio.

While I was watching the filming I noticed that one of the artists had numerous number 13 tattoos, all over his body.

Given my history with the number I had to ask him about it…and his response both surprised and delighted me.

As mainstream society felt that the number 13 was ‘unlucky’ (and the tattoo culture is known for it’s rebellious streak) they had adopted the number as a symbol of good luck instead.

Having a slightly rebellious streak myself I loved this idea. Taking something that was considered unlucky and flipping the meaning 180 degrees to be a symbol of luck and positivity.

…this was the turning point for me and the number 13…but it wasn’t the end of the story.

My number 13 revelation

Because one day when chatting with a friend of mine about how I’d decided to flip the meaning of the number 13, only a few months ago, she shared something with me that had me stunned.

You see, not only was the historic meaning of the number 13 nothing to do with bad luck…it was actually a powerful number associated with femininity and female power.

As there are 13 lunar cycles throughout the year, and the feminine is closely linked to the moon through our own monthly cycles…it has a deep link with the feminine and is considered to be a very powerful number for femininity.

So not only was the number not unlucky…it was actually a powerful number for me and my work!

I realised that through being flexible and changing my perspective on this number I had totally transformed its meaning to me.

…and I wondered how many other things in life could be flipped like this.

Until recent years, the prospect of entering the year 2013 would have filled me with a slightly anxious feeling…if not complete dread.

Now I’m looking forward to it, knowing it will be a powerful year for me where I’ll be totally in my element!

So this week I want to invite you to recognise the power for you and your feminine in the year that is ahead…and to begin the journey into this year by seeing what you could flip for yourself with a little change in perspective.

Is there something like my number 13 that you would like to see from another point of view?

Something that you would like to turn around?

Something that could go from being your worst nightmare to your greatest strength?

Imagine if you could shift your perspective in this way – what would be possible for you in 2013?

Just something to think about as you welcome in the New Year… 🙂

So all that remains is to thank you for your love and support in 2012…to wish you an incredible New Year celebration, and for every happiness to come your way in 2013.

Wishing you a year ahead of love, fulfilment and feminine power.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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