How do you cope with pre-date jitters?

Claire Brummell, Feminine 1st, Pre-date jittersToday I get to do one of my favourite things in the whole world…respond directly to a question that was asked of me by someone in the Feminine 1st community.

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, it’s little surprise that a lot of people are thinking more about their relationships.  The ones they’re in, the ones they think are impossible to find, the ones they’d prefer not to be in, the ones they’d like to be in, the ones they’d like to tweak a little, the ones they’d like to tweak a lot, the one’s that are just a glimmer of potential right now.

…and those last ones are often the most exciting.

…they’re also sometimes the most unnerving!

Does everyone suffer from pre-date jitters?

There aren’t many people out there who haven’t had a few butterflies at the thought of an upcoming date at some point in their lives…the pre-date jitters are a common phenomenon.

But when you’re the one with the butterflies (that sometimes feel like they’ve had more caffeine than a student cramming for finals as they bounce around your tummy) it can feel like you’re the only person in the whole world who’s ever felt this way.

So how do you deal with pre-date jitters?

They key to dealing with the pre-date jitters is to ensure that they don’t get in the way of the date’s main purpose – having fun!  There’s nothing worse than having pre-date jitters so bad that they feel like they’re going to take over.

So this week, at the request of a lovely woman in our little Feminine 1st family, I’m sharing with you some ideas and suggestions for how you can overcome your pre-date jitters and get on with just enjoying yourself…

I wish I was in a position to have pre-date jitters! What about me?

It’s true, in order to have pre-date jitters, first it’s helpful to have a date! Luckily as a Valentine’s Gift from me to you tomorrow I am sharing a free video series and webinar on the 7 Mistakes Single Women Make When Looking For Love AND The 1 Thing You Need To Know To Attract The Relationship You Desire & Deserve.

So if you’d like to join us just pop on over here now and sign up and the first video will be in your inbox before you know it:

Can’t wait to see you then, and in the meantime remember to stay fabulous!

Claire x

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