How flexible are you?

FlexibleOver the last few of weeks there has been a lot going on in the land of Claire.  Between long days of filming in London, travelling to see people for work, helping to look after my new baby nephew and getting things ready for an exciting launch (that will be taking place in the next few weeks!) things have been a bit manic.

Normally I write my blog posts and newsletters slightly ahead of time, so that on the day that things go out the maximum that I need to do is to make a couple of tweaks and then send it on it’s way.

With everything that’s been going on, today’s article had been half written, but still needed a bit of work to be ready…but the theme was set, the bulk of the content there, I just needed to finish it off before I could send it out.

This morning was insanely busy for me.  There were so many things that needed to be done…and in between working my way through the ever-increasing to-do list, I managed to find a couple of interesting challenges to add to the mix.

The high point had to be the moment that my shower decided to finally blow and spray water all over the bathroom…rather than on me!

By mid afternoon (after a couple of important meetings) I was painfully aware of how late in the day it was and how I still had to finish the article and get it sent out.

I finally sat down to work on it, and I discovered a problem.

You see, this afternoon I have spent over an hour trying to get the article right in order to get the article out, when it would normally have taken less than half that time….and I wasn’t even close to a final version.

The challenge has been that between the time that I wrote the first draft and today, some major things have happened in the lives of people who I care about that mean that the subject is very sensitive right now.

Today’s article was supposed to be about leaving a legacy….and sharing the very important and touching legacies that two friends who I lost many years ago, long before their time, left with me.

But in the last week, some dear friends have learned that someone very close to them is deteriorating very rapidly in heath, and an amazing man who I (and a lot of people very close to me) hold in very high regard has lost his only son in sudden and tragic circumstances.

It didn’t matter how I tried to re-word, adapt, alter or change the text that I had written, it didn’t feel right any more.

I tried different approaches, telling different stories, finding new ways to explain and share the message.

Nothing was working.

The more I tried to make it work, the more acutely aware of the feelings of these dear friends I became, and the more upsetting the process of writing the article was becoming.

I’d got so caught up in the fact that I hadn’t got another piece ready, that I had a limited amount of time today and that I’d already written the majority of the article that I wasn’t listening to my instincts.

My intuition was telling me, loud and clear, that this wasn’t the right time for this piece…and when I stepped back from trying to ‘make it work’ long enough to see that, it became obvious what the answer was.

The second I realised what I was doing, I saved the article, opened up a fresh window and began to type a new piece from scratch.

Now, I promise at some point in the not so distant future, when the time is right, I will finish the article I planned for today…but for now, I’m listening to my intuition and switching themes.

Because today was a lesson for me in staying present to my intuition (regardless of the circumstances) and on being flexible and changing the approach at a moment’s notice if it feels right to do so.

This article has only taken a fraction of the time that I’d already spent trying to make the other one work for today.

It has flowed so easily, and it feels right to be sharing it.

So today I would like to invite you to ask yourself…how flexible are you?

If time didn’t appear to be on your side and you were up against a deadline, would you start again from scratch if your instincts told you to do so?

As feminine women, staying in flow and listening to our instincts are crucial, in business and in life….and when something is emotionally charged it’s even more important to feel what is right.

So the next time your intuition steps in…listen.

You might be surprised where it leads you.

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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