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As you know, on Saturday I was hosting and speaking at the All Woman Workshop here in London.

Although I knew it was going to be a fantastic event, I had no idea how many major life transformations were going to take place there!

It was a phenomenal day.

We had the lovely Alex-Santoro Emmerson who shared her amazing insights into creating more love and passion in your life. Alex’s talk resonated with so many women…in fact one attendee shared that “I’ve been lying to myself for the last two years. It’s not that I don’t want a relationship…it’s that I want a GREAT relationship!”


The fabulous Jennifer Gresham showed the path for taking your passion to a paycheck. Jennifer guided everyone through a brilliant 6-step process for understanding how you can create a career from something you love…and her inspiring story about her own journey touched everyone in the room.


The incredible Lisa Steadman was a firecracker of energy and inspiration, sharing her “Woo hoo within” and helping everyone there understand how important it is to connect with “The Woo hoo that you do”. Her talk helped everyone in the room to understand that branding is not just for business…and being able to understand the unique gift you have to share with the world is where the magic begins…

What was so amazing was that during the day I heard so many people saying “I didn’t expect to get anything out of that talk…so I was really surprised when I did!” or “All of the speakers are amazing…I’ve got value from each and every one of them”.

The energy in the room was electric, we raised money for the fabulous charity “Breakthrough Breast Cancer”…and when some of the ladies shared the stories of their breakthroughs and the incredible transformation they had gone through during the day, there was barely a dry-eye in the house.

I wanted to share one of the inspiring success stories of the day with you today…

When I first started selling tickets to the event, a contact of mine who lives in the US said that because she loved the idea of the event, and wanted to support the charity, she wanted to buy a ticket for me to give to a woman who really needed it.

I put the word out to various contacts asking if they knew someone who was in need of an event like this and a friend of mine connected me with a woman who has had a very challenging personal experience, and was really in need of some inspiration.

Well, to say the stars aligned to bring a particular lady to the event is an understatement. So many co-incidences and chance happenings along the way indicated that she was the person who needed the ticket.

Her story is incredible, but what is even better is the message she shared with the whole group at the end of the All Woman Workshop about the breakthrough she had there.

Not only is it going to transform her life, but ALSO the lives of many other people.

This lady literally has the ability to save lives, and thanks to the generosity of a stranger, a lovely lady who paid it forward, I believe that’s exactly what she’s going to go on to do.

This is just one of many stories which have been shared with me about the amazing transformations that the ladies at the event experienced…and I hope that at the next one we can add your story to the collection!

So if you were at the event on Saturday…a big thank you. Thanks for giving your time, your energy, your support and for helping to make the event an amazing success. …and if you weren’t then maybe I’ll see you at the next one in September! ☺

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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  1. Christina Aros
    Christina Aros says:

    <3<3<3 This is what it's all about Claire and lovely to hear you all had such a fabulous day. I really wish I could have joined you and supported your great work.
    To inspire others to inspire is the core of transformation <3<3<3


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