Make time to laugh!

I realise that recently due to my personal circumstances, some of my posts have had a hint of melancholy about them, so I thought it was important to lighten the tone today.

LaughingBecause with all of life’s ups and downs, it is so important to take time to laugh and enjoy yourself. Life is quite simply too short not to.

Laughter isn’t just something that feels great in the moment, it actually has a huge number of additional benefits.

  • It can help your health: It reduces stress hormones, and increases feel-good hormones, endorphins as well as helping to increase your ability to produce antibodies which leads to a stronger immune system.
  • It provides a physical and emotional release, giving you the ability to let go of any emotional blockages that you might have been holding onto.
  • It gives you a good workout, from the heart through to the lungs, abdominal muscles and diaphragm.
  • It dissolves negative emotions: it’s not possible to feel fear, anger or sadness when genuinely laughing.
  • Laughing with others helps to bond and create connections with those around you.

These are just a few of the benefits of laughing…there are many many more.

So, as a bit of Monday fun, I thought I would share some things which make me laugh. Sometimes they are big full-body laughs, sometimes they are just a smirk or a chuckle…but they all bring a smile to my face.

Michael McIntyre


The Man Drawer:

Leaving the House With Kids:

Eddie Izzard

Cake or Death?

Jasper Carrott

Car Insurance Claims

Total Wipeout Funny Moments

Silly Advert

Funny Cats

Funny Kids

So what makes you laugh?

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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