our survey said

Our survey said…

our survey saidWhen I started writing this post, I was wishing that there was a way that I could add sound effects easily into my blog so they played when the reader gets to the relevant part of the text. Ever since I began talking about surveys, I’ve had the family fortunes style “Ding!” and “Uh Ergh!” (questionable spelling, I know) sound effects in my head.

Cue brainwave.

As I’ve been going through compiling the results I decided to have a bit of fun by adding in the sound effects at the relevant parts…so whenever you see the arrow after “Our survey said…”, click on it to hear the results!

I have to say that I was absolutely delighted with the results of the survey. You ladies are clearly some very smart cookies 😉

So I started off by asking whether you would describe yourself as feminine.

Our Survey Said… [audio:http://feminine1st.com/wp-content/uploads/ff-ding.mp3|titles=ff-ding] …a whopping 90% of you fell into the “agree” side of the balance. Fantastic!

In addition I asked if you feel that you understand exactly what “being feminine” means and Our Survey said…  [audio:http://feminine1st.com/wp-content/uploads/ff-ding.mp3|titles=ff-ding] …90% of you feel that you know exactly what being feminine means. Way to go! 🙂

I received way too many responses to be able to share everyone’s definitions of “Being Feminine”, but I wanted to share just a couple of them with you as I think these ladies really hit the mark:

To me, femininity is really about being comfortable in your own skin, being yourself completely and honestly, not feeling like you have to act in ways that mimic the workplace culture in order to get ahead, but believing you can succeed and then succeeding because of all the qualities YOU bring to any given situation: from your strength to your sensitivity and everything in between.

I always thought that being feminine meant wearing skirts and dresses, having perfect makeup and getting your hair done regularly which really isn’t me.
I am now beginning to realise that femininity isn’t about the outside so much, it’s about the inside and being true yourself.

I also wanted to share another suggestion which was shared by someone:

Someone who is actually slightly old fashioned Laura Ashley style (that might come back into vogue!), ladylike, girlie, sweet rather than a woman.

My perspective on femininity (which you can read all about here!) is that it isn’t about being old fashioned or having a particular “style”, it’s about being true to who you are on the inside and embracing everything that it is to be a woman. I would love to hear what you think about this, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post to share your thoughts.

What was really interesting about this was that although 90% of you described yourself as feminine, when I asked if you believe that you are perceived as feminine by other people only 81% believed that other people perceived you that way.  It’s very interesting how we can be aware that who we are on the inside and how we’re perceived on the outside aren’t always the same thing.

So, I then asked if you would like to be perceived as more feminine by other people…Our Survey said…[audio:http://feminine1st.com/wp-content/uploads/ff-ding.mp3|titles=ff-ding]…even though 90% of you describe yourself as feminine and 81% of you believe that other people perceive you that way, the majority of you would still like to be perceived as more feminine by other people…and I guess that’s why we’re all here! 🙂  What I found interesting was that both ladies who described themselves as feminine and those who didn’t would like to be seen as more feminine by others, so we’ve got a fabulous mixture of people sharing this journey together!

I asked you if you believed that Femininity = Weak and Our survey said… [audio:http://feminine1st.com/wp-content/uploads/ff-ehurgh.mp3|titles=ff-ehurgh]…a resounding “NO” with 95% of you disagreeing with this statement.  Brilliant. 😀

So then we had the topic of women in business, and I asked if you believed that a feminine woman can be successful in business.  Our survey said…[audio:http://feminine1st.com/wp-content/uploads/ff-ding.mp3|titles=ff-ding]…100% agreed – FAB-U-LOUS.

Then we looked at areas of potential change, and it was interesting to see that there was quite an even split between the areas of life that you would like to increase your femininity.  Intimate relationships were definitely out in front with 38%, family relationships close behind with 29%, work next with 19% and finally friendships with 14%.  So I will make sure that we cover a range of life areas on the blog so that there’s something for everyone 🙂

I also asked for examples of women in the public eye that you consider to be good examples of feminine women…again there were too many responses to list but to highlight just a few (and some that appeared more than once) we had Kate Middleton (or the Duchess of Cambridge), Kate Winslet, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Shakira, Julia Roberts…the list went on and on!  It’s great to know that there are some strong successful women in the public eye who are leading the way for femininity.

Finally I asked which aspect of a woman affects how feminine she is the most.  There was a clear winner on this one with 76% of you saying mindset, 14% behaviour and 10% appearance.  The honest answer is that all of these areas have an impact on a woman’s femininity to a greater or lesser extent…but the mindset tends to be the driver for both the behaviour and the appearance (if you have the mindset of a masculine man it’s unlikely that you will behave or style yourself in a particularly feminine way!)  Femininity comes from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

…and as for what information you would like from the Feminine 1st blog…it seems like the answer is a bit of everything when it comes to femininity! 😀  There have been requests for information on femininity in business, in relationships, exercises, examples, inspiring stories, practical tips, help with confidence, what femininity is, how to increase femininity…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Well, you’ve asked…and I’ll answer.  We’re going to have a lot of fun! 🙂

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x


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  1. Marisa Beal
    Marisa Beal says:

    We are all a work in progress.I know a lot of women who have lost themselves.With work and family its so easy to do.Take time to focus on yourself and take care of yourself mentally,spiratually and physically.Love to all,

    Marisa Beal


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